Popular Manga Series Delayed

After the big shift we witnessed last week, and apparently this week as well, we need to clarify what we know about the late releases of the chapters and spoilers that regularly till now we were getting on Wednesday.

The Weekly Shounen Jump mangas(Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Toriko ect.) will not have an early release online as it has been for years now, various reliable manga info sources like Aohige noted that bookstores in Japan will not be getting the magazines shipped early to them the following weeks as a prevention to stop the scans from leaking early. Remember we get the chapters on Wednesday for a magazine that comes out on Monday.

From now on the chapters/spoilers might be delayed, the best delay we can get is same as last week Spoilers on Thursday and chapters on Friday, however this trend is uncertain to follow and bare in mind that the schedule is nowhere near fixed as it is, this news post/announcement will be updated as soon as new info comes out.