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  1. Info Naruto Section Info Thread <3
  2. Theory Why the Kyuubi-mode looks as it is.
  3. Theory Kisame's genetic build.
  4. Favorites What's the most epic scene in Naruto?
  5. Discussion Kabuto the wacko scientist (Spoiler)
  6. Question Did Kabuto need Tobi At All???
  7. Discussion Sasuke and rain coincidence
  8. Discussion Would 'Naruto' be better as a seinen?
  9. Discussion right in front of our eyes...the SENJUtsu CLAN
  10. Theory How about Tobi being TOBIrama senju?
  11. Discussion Naruto and the Hokage dream!!
  12. Hangout Naruto summary in one line
  13. Question Madara Vs Hashirama, Uchiha Vs Senju
  14. Discussion It Seems We're Approaching the End of the Naruto Series - A penny for your thoughts?
  15. Question What does Sasuke want to accomplish?
  16. Discussion Kishimoto: Naruto Manga Is 'Rising Towards Its Climax'
  17. Did itachi just give sasuke the rinnegan?
  18. Discussion WHIRLPOOL WARS:Danzou Strikes Back
  19. Discussion Will Naruto Get another Training Period?
  20. Theory Sasuke already has Senju DNA
  21. Theory Evidence of Naruto's Uzumaki stamina
  22. Theory Why Tobi shouldn't be Obito
  23. Theory The last stage of the Sharingan/rinnengan
  24. Discussion Masashi Kishimoto: Naruto Still Has More Surprises Left, Will Last Longer Than Expected
  25. Discussion Tobi is Dumb Af
  26. Discussion Quit complaining about Kishimoto.
  27. Question What are the truths sasuke is seeking?
  28. Discussion NEW INTERVIEW
  29. Discussion kakashi's resolve...what next?
  30. Discussion If Obito survived, what would've changed?
  31. Discussion Confusion about Izuna
  32. Discussion Why was the naka shrine tablet written? <3
  33. Theory Obito, why it fits. [Theory]
  34. Discussion What does Naruto Chapter 600 need in order for this Manga to make any sense anymore?
  35. Discussion Two Tobi's?
  36. Discussion Sharingans and Harashima's DNA, elements that have been used to death?
  37. Theory The sad truth about "Obito Uchiha".
  38. Theory The most direct connection between Obito and Zetsu
  39. Question Why didn't Madara get Tobi to ET him from the very start so he could haxor it?
  40. Discussion Who do you think is the one who knows everything?
  41. Discussion "I was a good boy but life is hard !" : How to design vilains the Kishi Way
  42. Question What was Tobi planning to do that could kill him in the process?
  43. Discussion People are mad at Kishimoto for no reason.
  44. Question What was Madara and Tobi initial plan ?
  45. Discussion Naruto - Timeline
  46. Discussion Let's Talk About Why Your Tobito "Plotholes" Aren't Plotholes
  47. Discussion Gaiden II: Obito??
  48. Favorites What would you have done with 'tobi'?
  49. Question "im a shell of my former self" was it a lie or a kishi's burtal story change ?
  50. Discussion Who else thinks Kakashi is as good as dead?
  51. Theory Obito, quite not human anymore?
  52. Question So The end comes. But the end of...?
  53. Discussion Are you happy or not with Naruto thus far?
  54. Discussion What good does explaining the plotholes do if...
  55. Discussion Theory relating to Chapter 601...I'm guessing Madara was on Dialysis or something? (Osama Bin-laden Reference)
  56. Hangout Which one is worse?
  57. Tobis arm issue.
  58. Discussion Can Edo Release Madara spam Izanagi?
  59. Discussion Who or what killed Rin?
  60. Favorites What Are Yours Favorites Dojutsu
  61. Theory Tobi's Kotoamatsukami
  62. Question What happens to Kabuto now ?
  63. Discussion "In Literature, evil often triumphs but never conquers."
  64. Discussion Planned Since the Very Beginning?
  65. Question What's the point of the Tailed Beast's names?
  66. Discussion What was the purpose of Tobi's Mask?
  67. Discussion Kyuubi recognized "Obito"
  68. Discussion Wtf is up with Orochimaru anyway?
  69. Discussion Snake Sage Mode for Sasuke...hummm?
  70. Favorites Future Naruto Stories
  71. Discussion Minato the legendary hokage, did he fail in so many ways?
  72. Discussion The true solution for peace in the Narutoverse
  73. Theory How Itachi and Obito awakened the Mangekyou Sharingan
  74. Question How fast do you think Naruto characters are?
  75. Discussion Madara afraid of Obito?
  76. Discussion Obito should have been left dead by the author.
  77. Theory Madara and Obito in a single body
  78. Discussion On Naruto's Plot Development: What could've been the Uchiha-Senju rivalry
  79. Theory Black Zetsu's origin
  80. Theory Izanagi definitely saved Madara from Hashirama <3
  81. Discussion Were Senju necessary?
  82. Discussion Strong Determination equal greater Chakra?
  83. Discussion Rikudou Sennin
  84. Discussion Obitos Dimension Jutsu
  85. Discussion What Kisame saw?
  86. Discussion Why Obito attacked Konoha!
  87. Theory The Origin of Rinnegan, Rikudou Sennin and the Ten Tails
  88. Discussion Why did Obito massacre the Uchihas?
  89. Discussion Why Obito makes sense.
  90. Discussion Why Obito/Tobi's plan isnt' complete bull crap.
  91. Question Why Kabuto wanted Sasuke?
  92. Discussion Moon Eye Plan
  93. Theory Sasuke will gain Rinnengan
  95. Discussion Kishimoto
  96. Question In Anime, there is a scene where Sasuke pulls on his collar with one hand and uses Raikiri with the other. Could anyone locat
  97. Discussion Can we all agree to give the props to Sakura?
  98. Discussion Was things really necessary?
  99. Discussion What's up with Edo Zombies' condition upon "revival"?
  100. Hangout Predict how the Juubi will be defeated
  101. Theory Madaras biggest lie!
  102. Discussion The Last Chapter of Naruto
  103. Discussion Jyuubi = Lame?
  104. Discussion Will Orochimaru be interested in Obito?
  105. Discussion Reason behind the Uchiha massacre?
  106. Discussion Naruto vs. Sasuke - Deciding factors
  107. Theory The 'ones' who know everything...
  108. Question How long and when is the winter break for naruto manga? <eom>
  109. Discussion Obitos Rinnegan - a waste of his eye socket.
  110. Discussion interesting things to keep in mind
  111. Discussion So what exactly is Shikaku's plan and will it work?
  112. Theory Naruto's possible role in Shikaku's plan - The Juubi's weakness
  113. Question What could Kishimoto do in Naruto that would troll us the most?
  114. Theory Obito is the true bad guy and NOT Madara?
  115. Discussion Young man with powerful eyes
  116. Predictions Naruto in 2013 - Your expectations and hopes
  117. Discussion The Tailed Beasts...Are all their Massive Chakras based on Natural Energy (AKA Sage Mode)?
  118. Discussion 615:The memorable
  119. Discussion Zetsu's recording ability
  120. Predictions Will there ever be a flashback of Minato first time coming up with the idea for and using the Rasengan?
  121. Discussion Naruto's 2012 Up and Downs
  122. Discussion Tsunade Vs Hashirama: Whose medical ninjutsu is better?
  123. Theory I WAS RIGHT - On Zetsu being the big bad <3
  124. Theory Hyugas are distant relatives to the Uchiha in the same way Uzumakis are distant relatives of the Senju
  125. Discussion I feel like Kishi betrayed us!
  126. Discussion Kurama's (Kyuubi's) curent power level.
  127. Discussion 2013 - It's the Year of the Snake again!!!! (Chinese Horoscopes)
  128. Discussion A Reflection on the power of Naruto and Kyuubi.
  129. Discussion Orochimaru's Secret Scroll : Ultimate Senjutsu
  130. Discussion Why Naruto is a broken main character/ where Sasuke's hate comes from
  131. Discussion Taijutsu
  132. Theory Naruto is Getting Closer to the Sage of Six Paths!
  133. Minato, Jiraya, and Naruto: That Jutsu.
  134. Theory The Naruto 617 Chapter told us that Sage Bijuu Mode will happen !
  135. Theory I know what happened to yamato; hashirama cells
  136. Discussion If you were in Sasuke's shoes, what would you ask to the Hokages?
  137. Discussion Is Edo Minato a Jinchuuriki? If so,will he give the other part of the Kyubi to Naruto?
  138. Theory What happened to the Uzumaki clan?
  139. Discussion Kagebunshin Training: Does the concept really make sense?
  140. They are in the belly of Death God
  141. Possible Consequence of Naruto's New Chakra Sealing!
  142. Question Naruto's background
  143. Question New Title for Naruto, instead of "Naruto" (do you feel that the title needs to be changed?)
  144. Discussion How Ironic is it that the same Kages that built the Hidden Leaf Village may end up destroying it?
  145. how sasuke will obtain his next power up?.
  146. Discussion Masashi Kishimoto
  147. Discussion Let's Discuss Tobirama and the Uchiha - Fair and Square!
  148. Discussion Rivalry between Hashimara and Madara - Let Discuss Fair and Square!
  149. Discussion Kabuto as a Leaf Ninja
  150. Discussion May Itachi Izanami have affected and changed Orochimaru personal plans?
  151. Discussion Top 5 Reasons to hate Naruto
  152. Question Is Naruto becoming too focused on bloodline abilities?
  153. The concept of power levels
  154. The Original Uchiha that planned The Coup Setsuna and Fugaku Uchiha!!!!!
  155. Discussion What will Naruto's future rep. be like after the war?
  156. Question How would YOU kill/defeat Naruto? (Literally and Figuratively)
  157. Flying Thunder God expended
  158. Theory SO6 path, 9 bijuu and juubi and naruto
  159. Theory Naruto Sage Mode and Hashirama Sage Mode
  160. Theory Theory: Uzumaki clan knew how to seal the Sharingan activation.
  161. Question The other half of Kurama/Kyuubi
  162. Discussion Do you love Naruto (manga)?
  163. Hashirama's forehead seal in Sage Mode & the meaning behind it.
  164. Forgotten Eyes
  165. Discussion Why is Hashirama stronger than Madara?
  166. Early Senju vs Uchiha skirmishes.
  167. 3 tamoe Sharingan's
  168. Discussion Evolution of Naruto
  169. The Shocking Truth About Madara, Hashirama and the Eye of the Moon Plan
  170. Discussion Will Sasuke achieve something Madara couldn't/can't?
  171. Discussion What happened to the Uzumaki
  172. Question Eye awakening?
  173. Theory SO6P was an Uzumaki.
  174. Discussion Biggest mistake a character has ever done in this manga?
  175. Discussion The New Naruto Volume Manga Cover page ( Possible Spoilers from Kishi )
  176. the true villian of naruto
  177. Theory sasuke will defeat edo kages and naruto will defeat edo madara and obito to move the manga for the finale
  178. Question The Senju's anti-aging jutsus and other science stuff that
  179. LOL at the mangahelpers staff
  180. Discussion THIS is what REALLY happened at the Valley of the End:
  181. Theory Naruto and Sasuke could meet Rikudou Sennin
  182. Discussion poor hashirama :derp
  183. so hashimara talks about patriotism to madara in the end at vote
  184. Question a new justsu
  185. Question Is it possible for Naruto to summon Amaterasu?
  186. Question Is Mugen Tsukuyomi really all that bad?
  187. Question Will Sasuke's Decision Effect 'Naruto vs Sasuke'?
  188. Discussion Naruto and the Matrix
  189. Question After chp 627
  190. Question Was "that jutsu" ever confirmed?
  191. Discussion Minato's 'special present' to Naruto?
  192. Theory [THEORY] -Hashirama VS Madara - They're part in the war.
  193. Question Nagato is an Uzumaki or Senju, Kishi's Cliffhanger to the fans.. or its just me..
  194. Question How strong is Naruto?
  195. Question Why is Naruto so unsympathetic as a main hero?
  196. Discussion Expectations of the Hokages.
  197. Question is naruto worse without the akatsuki? ??
  198. Question Will Orochimaru reach the ultimate goal? Final antagonist?
  199. Discussion The Naruto and Sasuke Upcoming Tag Team
  200. Discussion rank the shinobi thread
  201. Discussion Mikoto was a Senju!
  202. Discussion Let's talk about fun "plotholes"
  203. Discussion Minato the first child of prophecy?
  204. Predictions Who will fight who?
  205. Question Will Sasuke's entrance be more epic than Minato's?
  206. Question How strong Hiruzen in his prime?
  207. Question What aspects of Hashirama did Madara gain from his cells?
  208. Discussion Sharingan Powers!
  209. Discussion Sasuke's EMS Powers
  210. Question How will Minato react to Obito ?
  211. Question Who will be revived?
  212. Discussion Minato's gift to Naruto (Theory)
  213. Discussion Part Three Naruto
  214. Question The good or bad Sasuke, which one?
  215. Discussion Hashirama's Great Power!!
  216. Question Who is the best in each element?
  217. Discussion Awkward question...
  218. Poor Yamato...
  219. Discussion Five Great Villages' Standing
  220. Discussion The Next Hokage
  221. Discussion The idea of "PEACE" in Naruto
  222. Discussion Should Sasuke be Hokage or even a Hokage candidate?
  223. Discussion The Present Konoha 12 Ranking...
  224. Question Who is your best female character in the narutoverse?
  225. Predictions The possibility of Naruto or Sasuke dying.
  226. Question What keeps you reading the show?
  227. Question The best arc of the manga (upto now)
  228. Discussion what should naruto do about sasuke hokage claims to change history outcome
  229. Discussion Worst deaths in Naruto
  230. Discussion Sasuke's return to the "good" side: I'm not so convinced...
  231. Question When will Naruto and Sasuke become a Chuunin?
  232. Question is it looking like there will be a battle for Hokage arc?
  233. Question were kisame and itachi actually close friends? or did they just work well together?
  234. Discussion Strongest female of Naruto's generation
  235. Question What are your top 3 worst obsessions in Naruto?
  236. Question Where's Lee (and Tenten, but nobody cares about her)
  237. Question Who will end up with who? why?
  238. Sakura's forehead has finally been given justice
  239. Discussion The Refurbished Team 7
  240. Discussion Sakura's an Asshole
  241. Discussion Naruto isnt ending soon
  242. Question Can we get a Yaoi and Yuri section (Naruto Purposes): Click Here to sign the petition
  243. Discussion What the hell, Sakura?
  244. Question we all know gaara was the 5th kaze kage
  245. Question What the hell is Oro planning.
  246. Theory Rinnegan dissection...
  247. Discussion Mangahelpers Naruto Dissection (Make-fun-of) Official Thread
  248. Question Is Sasuke finish with the dark side, umm?
  249. Question Who were the true descendants of SO6P?
  250. Question What do you think Sasuke's Ulterior motive is?