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  1. Discussion Check it! A blooper in the Naruto manga
  2. Question Naruto FAQs and Simple Q&A's <3
  3. Discussion Are women in the Naruto world weak?
  4. Discussion The most shocking and spectacular moment you have ever seen in Naruto!
  5. Discussion The most comical Episode\Manga moment in Naruto
  6. Discussion Naruto is getting worse/boring/unattractive Thread
  7. Discussion What do you think makes Naruto so popular?
  8. Question The Real Antagonist
  9. Question What character will/should die in the war?
  10. Discussion 4th Great Shinobi World War
  11. Discussion Naruto Popularity Poll # 7 Results Discussion!
  12. Discussion Is Kishi trying to wrap up Naruto?
  13. Predictions Will there be another Timeskip?
  14. Discussion List your 5 preconceptions about Naruto's future.
  15. Discussion Naruto Moments You Would Change
  16. Discussion Destiny vs. Choice: Naruto was wrong?
  17. Discussion What could be the 'omfg freaky' plot twist coming up?
  18. Discussion Would you like to see another Chuunin exam? <3
  19. Discussion The concept of "Genius" in NARUTO
  20. Discussion Sleeves in Naruto
  21. Discussion Real Reason Behind Uchiha Massacre
  22. Predictions What are you looking forward to the most in the upcoming chapters?
  23. Discussion This thing deserves it's own thread - Awesome Sasuke vs Itachi parody comic
  24. Discussion Is Naruto going downhill or not
  25. Discussion Whats missing in Naruto?
  26. Discussion Konohamaru Gaiden!
  27. Discussion Ways to obtain Immortality in Naruto
  28. Discussion When will Naruto ever be promoted?
  29. Theory Itachi - Jiraiya's Spy (explained with a fanmade page)
  30. Discussion Who's Done More for Naruto's Growth: Akatsuki versus Sasuke
  31. Predictions LET THERE BE BLOOD!!!
  32. Question Next big plot twist?
  33. Discussion The boundaries of good and evil
  34. Discussion Ninja's level in Naruto(Part 1 & 2)
  35. How is Naruto going to stop the cycle of hate?
  36. Discussion Spoilers?
  37. Discussion Which of the offscreen battles wold you most like to see?
  38. Discussion Is Naruto coming to an end?
  39. Theory Most "Out of Left Field" Theory you can think of!
  40. Discussion Kishimoto and the Japanese/Chinese mythology
  41. Theory Where is the second half of the Kyubbi?
  42. Theory Theory on Madara, Danzou, Itachi and the power Itachi gave to Naruto.
  43. Discussion How does Naruto make you feel?
  44. Discussion Naruto History Timeline
  45. Discussion In what order are the Five Great Nations ranked in power?
  46. Discussion Sakura's "manipulation" and the destination of Team7
  47. Theory Rikudō Sennin's tablet and Madara's misconception
  48. Discussion Jinchuuriki and Controlling the Bijuu
  49. Discussion The Exit of an Akatsuki without Death
  50. Theory Naruto is gonna lose Kyuubi 100%
  51. Discussion Orochimaru and the Army of the Undead.........
  52. Discussion Rikudō Sennin Seal
  53. Discussion who is the main character in Naruto+is it a retconned series or not
  54. Discussion Is Masashi Kishimoto Sexist?
  55. Discussion Naruto: Analysis and Solutions of His Goals and Objectives
  56. Discussion Hatred vs Will of Fire
  57. Discussion Songs for Naruto
  58. Discussion What do you still like about Naruto?
  59. Discussion Justice and Revenge
  60. Discussion Does Kishi use more Star Wars elements then we imagine?
  61. Discussion Part I vs Part II
  62. Discussion Why does Tobi/Madara have all of those Sharingans eyes
  63. Question Who's the "real" founder of Akatsuki, Madara or Yahiko?
  64. Discussion The History of Kirigakure
  65. Theory Body Takeovers?
  66. Question If a MS user, near blind, died, and implanted his eye in an non-Uchiha......
  67. Discussion What will be the greatest legend of Naruto?
  68. Question Half of the Nine tails Chakra in Naruto => Will it affect the Juubi?
  69. Discussion The return of Kisame makes sense.
  70. Theory That Jutsu, Edo Tensei & How sasuke will be defeated
  71. Discussion an overview of Uchiha history
  72. Discussion Each Bijuu's chakra Element
  73. Discussion Part 2 = 'bigger' part 1?
  74. Discussion Everyone in Naruto is suicidal
  75. Discussion The "Kyuubi Sage" Discussion Thread
  76. Discussion My Real life Sharingan
  77. Favorites How would YOU advance Naruto
  78. Theory identity crisis in naruto
  79. Discussion Children in Naruto?
  80. Favorites Best Quick Skirmish In Naruto
  81. Theory yin and yan: naruto and qb: a symbiotic relation: CLARIFIED ALREADY!!
  82. Question Will Naruto need help of first, second, third, fourth Hokages?
  83. Question Would you have destroyed the Uchiha clan?
  84. Discussion Uzumaki Kushinas Entrance was Forced
  85. Discussion Is Naruto as haxed as Sasuke
  86. Theory Naruto, Sasuke, and the Sage of the Six Paths
  87. Discussion Naruto's Next opponent...
  88. Discussion Alternative history: The Leaf - If there was no 9 tailed fox.
  89. Discussion What would be the outcome of a sharingan and a normal eye, and a byakugan and normal eye?
  90. Discussion How did Madara find out about Kushina?
  91. Theory Naruto using fuinjutsu to beat genjutsu?
  92. Theory Rinnegan and Uzumaki clan symbol
  93. Discussion itachi with sasuke in his arm 16 years ago
  94. Question Can Naruto's parents still train him?
  95. Discussion Why Naruto wasn't captured before?
  96. Discussion Any hope for Byakugan?
  97. Question Why didn't Nagato revive Yahiko back then?
  98. Discussion Who took care of baby Naruto?
  99. Question Why didn't "Madara" use his MS when fighting Minato?
  100. Question Why didn't the Third Hokage try and train Naruto?
  101. Question Is Hiruzen Sarutobi a crappy leader?
  102. Discussion Konoha and Rinnegan
  103. Theory Did Minato use the seal that he placed on 'Tobi' to seal half of him in the Death God?
  104. Question 8 Tailed vs 9 Tailed beast "Chakra lvl" (or Kuubi vs hachibi) at current state
  105. Discussion Nagato and his Life
  106. Discussion So is Naruto's chakra a blood line limit?
  107. Discussion Attention everyone: Masashi Kishimoto is not Dostoevsky.
  108. Question Who will be the one to defeat Kabuto? (original team 7)
  109. Question Kyuubi Jinchuuriki choice
  110. Discussion Naruto powering up too fast.
  111. Discussion Power levels are seeming dragonballz-ish.
  112. Theory Itachi "Genjutsu Sharingan" - Sasuke "Ninjutsu Sharingan"
  113. Theory Sand's Timeline
  114. Discussion Was it weird for Pain/Nagato to accept Orochimaru into Akatsuki?
  115. Discussion Could Hanzo be related to Naruto and Minato
  116. Discussion How would you rate Madara/Tobi as a mastermind?
  117. Question Who will win, Sasuke or Naruto? or will they both die?
  118. Theory (Possible Spoilers) Two Theories About The Manga...
  119. Discussion Naruto's New seal/losing the nine tails
  120. Discussion The Motivations behind individual Akatsuki members.
  121. Theory The Four Beasts Inside the Gai
  122. Discussion Naruto Avatars
  123. Discussion Yang Kyuubi Chakra
  124. Theory The Fourth Hokage and the Jyuubi
  125. Theory What if Madara's Moon's Eye Plan Suceeded?
  126. Discussion Why does Kishi enjoy mindlessly hyping characters
  127. Theory This Is It! Naruto and Sasuke conclusion
  128. Discussion Was Madara's Story All a Lie?
  129. Discussion Do you like one sided fights?
  130. Discussion Cursed clan Uchiha: The truth behind it
  131. Discussion How Madara gave Nagato the Rinnegan
  132. Discussion Naruto's legendary item
  133. Question When will we see Will of fire again?
  134. Theory is kabuto the real orochimaru
  135. Discussion Naruto's Plot: Was the Rikudo stuff a good idea?
  136. Discussion Would you read prequel arcs?
  137. Theory Kakashi's Final Clash...
  138. Discussion Technology level in Naruto
  139. When Will Naruto Obtain The Rinnegan
  140. Discussion The Blackest Night
  141. Discussion Ever dreamt of something related to Naruto?
  142. Question Will we see Uchiha clan again?
  143. Discussion What was the point of Kabuto leading the Leaf to the hideout earlier?
  144. Discussion Black market for bodies...?
  145. Discussion Kabuto's army: who else should we see in the future?
  146. Discussion What would happen if Kabuto lost control?
  147. Question Would the Ninja Alliance be better off killing Kabuto and leaving his ET summons?
  148. Question Will the Alliance's genjutsu plan fail?
  149. After Shippuden...Hokage Naruto Series
  150. Discussion Akatsuki pairs
  151. Theory Joining the dots
  152. Discussion Another one of those Naruto tattoo's
  153. Discussion 2011 Naruto's best and worst moments
  154. Theory Connection between Sasuke, Naruto and the Sage of the Six Paths
  155. Predictions Naruto in 2012 - Predictions and Expectations
  156. Theory Madaras Lies About Itachi
  157. Discussion How/When will Sasuke betray Tobi for good?
  158. Discussion Romance & Society in Naruto <3
  160. Question The Army of Zetsus
  161. Discussion War strategy
  162. Discussion Greater influence: Senju Hashirama, Namikaze Minato, or Uchiha Itachi?
  163. Discussion Who will capture Killerbee and Naruto
  164. Discussion Bijuu vs Bijuu
  165. Discussion New generation surpassing the old
  166. Discussion Naruto and Sasuke next clash
  167. Discussion Kushina's flashback: a hidden purpose
  168. Discussion A is the proof that Naruto can be a good hokage
  169. Theory Jyuubi's next host
  170. Discussion Win/Loss records
  171. Discussion What do you think Kishimoto wants Sasuke to become in the end?
  172. Discussion what will be on the secret tablet in the Uchiha shrine?
  173. Discussion Writing Style (Japanese)
  174. Question Is it possible for Nagato to revive himself?
  175. Discussion Who will be the substitute?
  176. Question I just don't get it...
  177. Theory How the fight with Tobi will play out, and more
  178. Discussion If naruto succeeds, then what?
  179. Discussion How can Kabuto be so confident?
  180. Discussion Reviving The Uchiha
  181. Theory How much has Kabuto lied?(Edo Tensei)
  182. Theory Who killed Senju Hashirama?
  183. Discussion Did Karin downgrade Akatsuki?
  184. Discussion The Juubi Jinchuriki
  185. Discussion Villages...Do your ranking ;)
  186. Question Whose Hate will Naruto have to erase after the 4th Ninja war?
  187. Theory Naruto's downfall & the dawn of the Legend!
  188. Question If Itachi was the Godaime Hokage....
  189. Discussion Is Itachi back for good?
  190. Theory Naruto and Izanami
  191. Discussion Plans for the End of Naruto
  192. Theory Orochimaru's revival
  193. Question Question about the Rinnegan
  194. Question Itachi as a person is more capable than Itachi the ninja.
  195. Theory Uchiha 'Brothers' Speculation
  196. Discussion What flashback would you like to see?
  197. Favorites Naruto Birthday!!!
  198. Theory Orochimaru, Danzo, Madara, Nagato, Tobi the theory?
  199. Theory New top Villain - Will both Kabuto and Tobi meet their end soon..?
  200. Theory The Origins Of Naruto
  201. Question What are Tobi's eyes?
  202. Question Time/Space Ninjutsu... Where is the time so far???
  203. Discussion Ninja becoming Super Saiyans! Yayyy...!
  204. Question Tsunade's role, Oonoki's and the future of the Kage's future in the next 10 chapters.
  205. Question Catchphrase?
  206. Theory VOTE: Power Exchange and its Aftermath
  207. Discussion The end of the war?
  208. Theory Why Naruto won't become Hokage and will die with Sasuke
  209. Discussion Senju/Mokuton confusion ?
  210. Question The Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya
  211. Discussion Kyuubi's yang chakra
  212. Discussion Kishi tries to hard to justify Sasuke's character (Rant)
  213. Theory Uzumaki Clan
  214. Discussion This Manga Doesn't Make Sense Anymore (Rant)
  215. Hangout Naruto Hangout Thread v.12
  216. Discussion Shonen jump breaks (ranters only please)
  217. Question Why didn't Tsunade, Hiruzen, Jiriaya or Kakashi tell him about his parents?
  218. Question Danzou and Shisui WTF moment
  219. Discussion Members of the Uzumaki clan
  220. Question Gai gates...
  221. Discussion The Explananation of Naruto's Power ups, and the comparisons
  222. Theory The sage of 6 paths was an Uzumaki
  223. Discussion Naruto's end and what that means to us.
  224. Discussion Naruto and minority themes
  225. Theory Naruto (Kurama) vs. Sasuke (Shukaku)
  226. Question Was Tobi trolling Deidara?
  227. Question Why didnt Tsunade train naruto?
  228. Question Will Itachi seal himself with his Totsuka sword...?
  229. Question Was it irresponsible for Jiraiya to walk away?
  230. Question If Itachi casted Kotoamatsukami on his self...
  231. Discussion Negligence: The mishandling of Sasuke
  232. Discussion Naruto with Sage Mode from the beginning of Part 2
  233. Discussion Itachi...the poker player
  234. Discussion Where the heck is chukichi?
  235. Theory Naruto + Hinata = sage reborn?
  236. Theory Tobi is Fugaku 100%
  237. Question Will Sasuke get the curse mark from having Jugo's flesh?
  238. Question Sharingan and controlling the Kyuubi?
  239. Discussion What's in the scroll that Suigetsu found?
  240. Theory Could shisui have been some form of rikudo sennin?
  241. Discussion sage mode...how many are there???
  242. Theory The legend surrounding the Rinnegan and Sasuke's ultimate role in the story.
  243. Question Japanese mythology about kishi
  244. Discussion Who manipulated yagura?
  245. Question Final fight
  246. Question Most disappointing fight in naruto and why?
  247. Discussion Dragon Ball Similarities
  248. Discussion Konoha's uncaring/inept government
  249. Question Did Shisui know about the massacre?
  250. Discussion What would you change in the manga?