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  1. Favorites Favourite Bleach pairings
  2. Favorites Which Bleach Mystery intrigues you the most?
  3. Favorites Most Memorable/Favorite Scene?
  4. Discussion Ichigo related to the Shiba Clan or someone else from SS?
  5. Power Level Espada/Arrancar Strength Ranking Thread
  6. Discussion What are the Vizards motives,ambitions,whatever?
  7. Theory Predict the Future Arcs and Plot of Bleach
  8. Discussion Ichigo's Dad, Ishida's Dad and Urahara
  9. Power Level Yamamoto-taichou's strength
  10. Power Level Strongest enemy in Hueco Mundo poll
  11. Question Who will achieve bankai, and whose bankai will be revealed last?
  12. Power Level Zaraki Kenpachi's power
  13. Theory Unlikely (but Possible) Character Relation Theories
  14. Power Level Is Ichigo overrated?
  15. Question Who do you think will be next to discover their spiritual powers?
  16. Theory Ichigo and a Secret Seal
  17. Hangout Bleach Hangout Thread
  18. Question What Do You Want To See Before Bleach Ends?
  19. Power Level General Character Strength Ranking Thread
  20. Theory King of Soul Society and Aizen
  21. Power Level Ikkaku stronger than Captain Hitsugaya?
  22. Question Did Ichigo's father die?
  23. Discussion Misconceptions about Bleach fights
  24. Theory arrancar menos release theory
  25. Discussion Discussion on the shortcomings of Bleach's plot and pace
  26. Discussion bleach humans are missing some necessities
  27. Theory Zangetsu, The Kurosaki Family, and The King
  28. Question Kubo has been planning this from the beginning?
  29. Question How does Urahara use shinigami power while human?
  30. Question Who should fight or kill of the villains in Bleach ?
  31. Power Level Hollow Ichigo: The most powerful
  32. Power Level Ranking of Captains
  33. Discussion Two types of Vaizards, or not?
  34. Power Level Seniority of the SS Captains & Implications on Their Strength
  35. Discussion Byakuya's Strength Improvement = Too Much?
  36. Discussion On Aizen, the Ou Ken and the nature of the Espada
  37. Power Level Yamamoto: Underestimated or Overhyped?
  38. Discussion The Broken Mask
  39. Power Level Which captains can or can't defeat Ichigo
  40. Question if someone's gonna die, who will it be?
  41. Power Level Who is the strongest or has the most potential...
  42. Question Which character has the most transformation in the storyline?
  43. Discussion Unanswered Questions of Bleach
  44. Theory Szayel Secret Room- Theories
  45. Power Level Better Duo ?
  46. Question will bleach come to an end soon?
  47. Discussion Urahara, Aizen, Rukia, Hougyoku...
  48. Favorites Favourite Hollows/Arrancar
  49. Power Level Old Gotei 13 more powerful than New Gotei 13?
  50. Theory urahara made ichigo!!!!
  51. Discussion Why must you re-read Bleach again?
  52. Theory Is Aizen trying to recruit Ichigo?
  53. Theory VastroLord Theory
  54. Theory Chad Becoming a Hollow & a Connection to Hell
  55. Discussion New Traitor/Enemy???
  56. Theory The Four Noble Houses: A Theory on Isshin and Ichigo Kurosaki's heritage
  57. Theory What if Isshin was one of Urahara's experiments??
  58. Discussion Did Urahara lie to Isshin?!?!
  59. Hangout Bleach Hangout Thread 2.0
  60. Theory Maximun Shinigami/Hollow power
  61. Theory Why "Segunda Etapa" Means Ichigo has a second Stage as well
  62. Discussion Fake Karakura Town Battle Analysis
  63. Discussion Self made claims in Bleach
  64. Power Level Concerning Hitsugaya's Power
  65. Theory Aizen's Ace
  66. Discussion Do the others know about Hisana?
  67. Power Level How strong are the Vizards?
  68. Theory Aizen's growth and development
  69. Discussion Bleach Plot Holes
  70. Question Is Byakuya IN LOVE With Rukia?
  71. Theory Did Byakuya kill his Grandfather?
  72. Question What will become of the Vizards?
  73. Discussion Who is safe from Aizen's illusion?
  74. Hangout Bleach Hangout Thread 3.0
  75. Question Who will be the last villain?
  76. Discussion How will Aizen fall?
  77. General A guided tour of Tite Kubo's Crib!!!
  78. General Nick Simmons plagiarized Bleach
  79. Theory Can Aizen extract Hollows from the Vizards?
  80. Theory Ichigo and the King's Key
  81. Question Is Aizen telling the truth?
  82. Question Why was Aizen allowed to become a captain?
  83. Theory The Battleship Yamamoto
  84. Power Level Aizen without KS and the Hougyoku
  85. Theory What happens if Orihime succeeds in denying the Hougyoku?
  86. Power Level How strong is Uryu Ishida?
  87. Theory Ichigo an experiment?
  88. Favorites Most Epic Entrance / Event Thread!
  89. Power Level How strong is Yoruichi?
  90. Question Name for Ichigo's Inner Power thing.
  91. Question How can two immortals kill each other?
  92. Favorites Favorite zanpakutou release command
  93. Theory The three getsu's
  94. Info Bleach Section Info Thread *A MUST READ for all*
  95. Question What did they do to Rangiku?
  96. Discussion Aizen dies at the hands of New Ichigo?
  97. Theory Tatsuki, the next big fighter
  98. Discussion The Obvious And Not So Obvious Reasons Why Captains Don't Go Bankai And Survive Fights
  99. Theory Restoration of Ichigo After Aizen's Defeat
  100. Theory New antogonist(s) will appear and break Aizen's seal
  101. Discussion Why Do You Read Bleach?
  102. Discussion Aizen's infiltrating plan or what?
  103. Discussion Is Gin dead? And if not, do you think he's coming back?
  104. Theory Isshin, Urahara, the final Getsuga Tenshou and the King
  105. Question Who will get kidnapped this time?
  106. Power Level How strong is Ryūken Ishida? And what theories do you have regarding Ryūken Ishida?
  107. Theory Is it a Dream?
  108. Discussion Worst Possible ending for the Arrancar arc/Deicide saga
  109. Discussion Hell Arc
  110. Discussion Bleach Feels Like a Different Manga
  111. Question Will Ichigo's friends be written out already?
  112. Discussion XCUTION
  113. Theory Are Ichigo's sisters blood related?
  114. Discussion How the heck did Masaki conceive Ichigo?
  115. Discussion Bleach's Best and Worst Moments of 2010
  116. Discussion Bleach in Year 2011-Predictions and Expectations
  117. Discussion Is it okay to kill Hollows?
  118. Theory Fullbringers are they humans who become hollows?
  119. Theory Why Ikumi has been introduced?
  120. Theory Was Isshin Supposed to be a Shinigami?
  121. Discussion New Discoveries after Rereading/Rewatching Bleach
  122. Discussion Talent in Bleach
  123. Discussion Can the Vizards become significantly more powerful?
  124. Discussion Hollow hole locations = how they died?
  125. Theory Aizen and Fullbring connection?
  126. Discussion The lost substitute shinigami & the Quincy
  127. Discussion The reason Bleach has been falling in the rankings recently: a theory
  128. Discussion Ichigo's New Shikai / Bankai?
  129. Theory Yoruichi: Re-instated as a Captain of SS
  130. Theory Instinct
  131. General Celebrating 10 Years of BLEACH
  132. Theory Ichigo: A Captain of SS
  133. Theory Truth about Isshin's 'lost' reiatsu
  134. Discussion Lost Shinigami Agent Arc - Purpose and Effect
  135. Question Sep 3rd to Sep 7th in Bleach timeline
  136. Theory Yachiru: A Captain of SS
  137. Discussion Soul King/Royal Key: Relevance?
  138. Discussion The return of Shirosaki..? - Next arc coming up!
  139. Discussion Gotei 13 - Good or Evil?
  140. Theory The Shinigami Representative Badge
  141. Discussion Questioning the history of Ichigo's powers
  142. Discussion Bleach's Best and Worst Moments of 2011
  143. Discussion Bleach in Year 2012 - Predictions and Expectations
  144. Discussion The Thousand-Year Blood War - Final Arc
  145. Discussion Tite Kubo - The Best Poet in Manga? The Poetry of BLEACH
  146. Question Why is Captain Ukitake always sick?
  147. Question Why are all hollow names in Spanish?
  148. Predictions Future Captains
  149. Question What Happened to GrimmJow?
  150. Discussion Balance of souls between worlds
  151. Discussion Why couldn't Yamamoto kill the Enemy Leader 1,000 years ago?
  152. Discussion Did Aizen Know Isshin Before All This Started?
  153. General The 36 Stratagems of War. Or Why Aizen is Such A Brilliant Villain.
  154. Discussion Flaws and plot holes in Bleach :gwah
  155. Discussion Is Captain General an incompetent leader?
  156. Discussion Final Zanpakuto Forms?
  157. Predictions Soul Society Death List
  158. Discussion Is Kenpachi strong enough to handle the Sternritter?
  159. Discussion Identity of Vandenreich and powers
  160. Theory The 5 War Potentials
  161. Discussion Flying and Air-Walking
  162. Discussion Ichigo's mask?
  163. Discussion Natural Talents and Genius Concept in Bleach
  164. Theory Theory on how Quincy Medallions work+possible countermeasures
  165. Theory Which arrancar where initially natural, and which were hougyoku'd?
  166. Discussion Why are the Quincy and Shinigami really fighting?
  167. Discussion Why do hollows not just go to Soul Society?
  168. Discussion Hints, ambiguity, hypothesis in Bleach
  169. Question Which shinigami are best suited to fight Sternritters?
  170. Theory The Vandenreich's true goal... a world without afterlife?
  171. Theory Vandenreich / Quincy and Soul King relationship...
  172. Power Level None-Captains' Ranking
  173. Discussion The Concept of "Transcendentality"
  174. Discussion Toshiro's chances against the Quincy
  175. Discussion How did Kenpachi get beat?
  176. Discussion Of Bankais and Quincy Medallions
  177. Discussion How will Kyouraku fare as the Captain Commander?
  178. General Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryuusai Memorial Thread
  179. Discussion The Vasto Lordes and the Quincy?
  180. Discussion Is anyone else besides me getting tired of fair weather Bleach fans?
  181. Discussion Zero Division Mega Convo Thread
  182. Theory Pendulum 10th div captain/vc
  183. Theory The nature of Shinigami, Hollow and Quincy abilities...Fullbring?
  184. Discussion Unohana's role in current arc
  185. Discussion Reasons why Ichigo is NOT a quincy -
  186. Hangout Bleach Pumpkins!!!
  187. Discussion Masaki Ishida before it was Masaki Kurosaki ?
  188. Discussion Bleach 480 Cover
  189. Discussion Born in the Dark (Analysis)
  190. Discussion The truth about Ichigo's powers
  191. Discussion Broken bankais
  192. Discussion Is Yamamoto Weaker than the Royal Guards?
  193. Theory Kenpachi under Stern Ritten Control???
  194. Power Level Vandenreich members Power Level.
  195. Theory Is Ganju a Fullbringer?
  196. Discussion 6, 16 or 26?
  197. Predictions Final antagonist in Bleachverse ??
  198. Question What If? - Soul Society Invasion
  199. Theory Juhabach / Zangetzu Similarity Theories
  200. Discussion Urahara...as bad as Aizen?
  201. Discussion The number 5 - Play of numbers or does it have a meaning?
  202. Discussion Will Hitsugaya get taller?
  203. Discussion Under what circumstances Aizen and Urahara saw or knew about Soul King?
  204. Theory Will Byakuya become a beast?
  205. Theory Theory on all of bleach.
  206. Predictions Bleach in 2013 - Your expectations and hopes
  207. Discussion Bleach Ups and Down of the 2012.
  208. Discussion Why wasn't Ishida killed instantly by SS??
  209. Question How did Ichigo get his zanpakuto?
  210. Discussion Where is the ART in Zaraki's Training?
  211. Question 2nd Kenpachi ?
  212. Discussion Purpose of urahara's shop?
  213. Question Timescale 10/100 Possible ?
  214. General What Ichigo is showing us
  215. Question Did Soul Society grow weaker?
  216. Discussion Did someone hide a Hougyoku inside Rangiku?
  217. General Senshumuru Shutara confusion.
  218. Discussion The Soul King
  219. Theory Theory of Bleach - Origin of the Species
  220. Discussion Tatsuki - Inconsistency, Unique or Enormous Potential?
  221. Theory I think it's time to revisit the Zangetsu / Juha similarity theory...
  222. Theory What ARE the Ouken?
  223. Theory Ichigo's powers
  224. Theory Ichigo's mothers weakness already explained?
  225. Discussion The boy never meant to be, or is he?
  226. Theory Ishida's mother is alive but under Vandenreich custody
  227. Discussion Bleach: Tite Kubo In Germany 2013
  228. Question when quincys die, do they go to the SS or just vanished (gone for good)?
  229. Discussion Why Bach Wants to Recruit Ichigo?
  230. Discussion Uryuu Ishida, what would make him stronger then Opie
  231. Discussion What do you think would happen to the balance?
  232. Question Why did White Hollow decide to bite Masaki instead of cutting her up?
  233. Discussion Ichigo's role in future SS
  234. Discussion Urahara's Shady Character To Be Revealed In The Final Arc
  235. Discussion So, seems Bleach is getting Twilighty...
  236. Discussion White - Profile
  237. Theory White and the neccesity of fullbring arc: connecting all Ichigo's powers, Ichigonator, bankai-theft immunity + the other dots
  238. Predictions Captains and their Advantage
  239. Discussion What can Gotei 13 use against Vandenreich?
  240. So, the science in Bleach just reached a new point...
  241. Power Level Strongest soul reapers
  242. Discussion Has Kubo been inconsistent with Isshin's portrayal?
  243. Ichigo's name having more meaning?
  244. Isshin's Getsuga Tensho
  245. Discussion Ichigo has to master his Quincy powers
  246. Discussion ..Was that it? The connection between Yhwach and Masaki.
  247. Question Has Kubo made another timeskip without telling anyone?
  248. Predictions Uryu as a Stern Ritter
  249. Discussion "races" and connection's between them
  250. Theory Yhwach is responsible for Souken's death.