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  2. Favorites Who's your favorite Bleach character?
  3. Favorites What's your favorite Soul Slayer / Zanpakutou ?
  4. Favorites What's Your Favorite Bankai/Shikai?
  5. Favorites Who's the most attractive Bleach character to you?
  6. Character Your Thoughts on the Lieutenants of SS
  7. Zan Tech A level after Ban Kai
  8. Character What is Ichigo? (Human, Vizard, Shinigami, etc.)
  9. Character Isshin Kurosaki General Discussion Thread
  10. Character Your Thoughts on Chad
  11. World Beast Hollows
  12. World Vasto Lordes, Adjuccas and Gillians
  13. Character Grimmjow Discussion Thread
  14. Info Bleach Volume Cover Thread - [Newest: Vol 58]
  15. Zan Tech Kidou discussion
  16. Info Bleach Names and Meanings
  17. Character Your Thoughts on Gin
  18. Character Ichigo's Development
  19. Character Tousen and his path of justice.
  20. Zan Tech Rukia and Renji Powerups
  21. Zan Tech Unknown Zanpakutou Abilities
  22. Character Espada Discussion
  23. World Relevance of Heaven & Hell vs. HM & SS: Discussion on the Dimensions of Bleach
  24. Zan Tech Analysis of Shinigami Combat: Which Area of Shinigami Combat is Best?
  25. Info Colourful Bleach Omake
  26. Zan Tech Arrancar Bankai
  27. Zan Tech Vizard bankai theory
  28. Zan Tech Zangetsu's Power/ability
  29. Character Ichigo's mother
  30. Zan Tech Vizard's powers
  31. Character Kenpachi: Possibly Stronger than Aizen and Yamamoto? Or just overrated?
  32. Character Vastolorde Discussion
  33. Character Your Thoughts on Orihime
  34. Zan Tech Noitora's unreleased Zanpakuto
  35. World Comparing Shinigami to other "races"
  36. Character Dondo Chakka and Pesshe Gatiishe
  37. Character Character Analysis: Kisuke Urahara
  38. World Anyone wanna guess where Komamura is from??
  39. Character Nell Discussion
  40. World How long do you think las noches has been around?
  41. Character Soul Society King - Who/What Is He?
  42. World How does time affect shinigami in Bleach?
  43. Zan Tech Where do zanpakutou come from & how do they connect with their shinigami?
  44. Character Members of Urahara's Group
  45. World Concept of Time in Bleach
  46. Character Mysteries of Szayel Aporro Grantz
  47. Character Aizen: Not the Typical Anime Villain?
  48. World Could (should) Arrancars have a inner shinigami?
  49. Character Wonderweiss and his worth in battle
  50. Character hougykou arrancar vs natural arrancar
  51. Info Change between american and japanese version?
  52. Character Your Thoughts On Unohana
  53. Character Discussion on Ichigo's Hollow
  54. Zan Tech Ichigo's Reiatsu Increase in Bankai
  55. Info Interviews with Kubo Tite
  56. World Gotei 13 Timeline
  57. Character Your Thoughts on Ichigo
  58. Character Your Thoughts On Tsukabishi Tessai
  59. World Division Zero "The Royal Guard"
  60. Character Discussion on Aizen's Morality (Good or Evil?)
  62. World Specialization of Gotei 13 divisions
  63. Zan Tech What happened to Ichigo's hyper-speed?
  64. Character In which squad do you think Isshin was captain?
  65. Zan Tech Tousen's Zanpakutou
  66. Character Is Yammy still alive?
  67. Favorites How would you rank the Shikai/Bankai?
  68. Theory I believe Kenpachi can achieve Bankai (with this method)!!!
  69. Character Low-ranked/Unranked Shinigami Discussion
  70. Character Who is Kirio Hikifune?
  71. Zan Tech Yoruichi's Zanpakutou
  72. Zan Tech Technique Analysis: Utsusemi
  73. World What happens to shinigami/spiritually aware humans when they die?
  74. Character Komamura Discussion Thread
  75. World Can dead people have children?
  76. Zan Tech Orgin of Gikongai and mod-souls
  77. World The Shinigami Academy
  78. Zan Tech Hisagi's Shikai
  79. Zan Tech Wabisuke (Not Kira, just his sword)
  80. Zan Tech Aizen's Zanpakutou
  81. Zan Tech The Effect of Massive Reiatsu
  82. Character Hachigen Discussion Thread
  83. Info Popularity Polls
  84. Who Wields The Strongest Melee-Type Zanpakutou?
  85. World Weird questions about hueco mundo and other theories
  86. Character Hitsugaya: The Only Guy With Any Sense
  87. Discussion Most Intimidating Bankai/Resurrection?
  88. World Royal dimension arc VS Hell arc
  89. Character Most overhyped/overrated characters?
  90. World Noble and lesser noble families
  91. Character Shunsui & Ukitake Mega Convo
  92. Zan Tech Urahara's Patented Energy Cuffs (UPEC)
  93. Zan Tech Hierro Discussion Thread
  94. Favorites Most stylish/unstylish character in Bleach
  95. Zan Tech The Technique Opinion Thread!
  96. Character Most under rated character in Bleach
  97. World Do "Humans" share abilities from generation to generation?
  98. Zan Tech Isshin and Ichigo's zanpaktou
  99. Zan Tech Segunda Etapa is no big deal
  100. Zan Tech The Nature of Katen Kyōkotsu
  101. World The World of Bleach when it was just beginning
  102. Discussion Dangai Wish List
  103. Zan Tech Hogyouku & Its Power
  104. Discussion Worst zanpakutou and other abilities in Bleach
  105. Zan Tech Reiatsu in relation to Bankai & Hollow Mask
  106. Character Most Mistreated Character
  107. Character Espada personalities
  108. Zan Tech The Final Getsuga Tenshou Discussion Thread
  109. World Heaven vs. Hell similarity?
  110. Character Nihilism & The Heart: Ulquiorra Cifer
  111. Zan Tech God Zanpakuto?
  112. Favorites Most Entertaining Fighters
  113. Zan Tech Hitsugaya's bankai training?
  114. Character Renji and Hisagi's training
  115. Zan Tech Unmastered Bankais...?
  116. World 8th Underground Prison Avici [Aizen's present location]
  117. Info ~JUMP FESTA 2011~
  118. Zan Tech Will Ichigo lose Zangetsu?
  119. Character Gotei 13 Timeskip Changes
  120. Zan Tech Ichigo - Fullbring or Kido or Hollow powers
  121. Favorites Favourite Attack/Technique
  122. Zan Tech Chad and orihime, different from other fullbringers?
  123. Zan Tech Is Hitsugaya's Bankai overused?
  124. World Kidou Corps Mega Convo Thread
  125. World Central 46 Mega Convo Thread
  126. Info Bleach Official Artwork 「UPDATED: 09th Mar 2011」
  127. Zan Tech Fullbring Discussion Thread
  128. Zan Tech Shunsui's Shikai
  129. Character Karin and Yuzu shinigami?
  130. Character Will Ichigo become a vaizard again?
  131. Character Your Thoughts on Yachiru
  132. Character A Look at Yammy Llargo
  133. Character What happen to Kon?
  134. Zan Tech How hollow masks work
  135. Character Ginjou and Tsukishima : Questionable Antagonists
  136. Zan Tech Fuel of Fullbring - Something is off
  137. Character Chad had more potential than the other Fullbringers?
  138. Character SS capitans vs Fullbringers
  139. Character Fallen Vizards (Ginjou)
  140. Zan Tech Book of the End vs. Kanzen Saimin - which is more HaXXeD
  141. Theory The true strength of a menos grande
  142. Theory Menos Grande evolution. Gradual or Instantaneous?
  143. Character A Case of Mental Sadism - Changing Bonds With Shukuro Tsukishima
  144. Theory Saketsu(Binding Chain), and Hakusui(Soul Sleep) locations
  145. Character Shiba Ichigo
  146. Discussion What make the four noble houses so noble?
  147. Character Will Ichigo get romantically involved with someone?
  148. Character [FEATURED] Vandenreich - Mega Convo Thread
  149. Character Yuki and Shino Discussion
  150. Character Is Ichigo part quincy?
  151. Discussion Vandenreich vs SS
  152. Zan Tech Ukitake's Bankai
  153. Zan Tech Kisuke Urahara's bankai?
  154. Character Uryū Ishida Discussion Thread
  155. Character Aizen Sōsuke Discussion Thread
  156. Discussion True power of high speed afterimage techniques
  157. Theory Possible reasons why Ichigo is immune to Bankai theft
  158. Zan Tech Kirge's Jail Ability
  159. Character My gripe with Ichimaru (arc 1 and 2 spoilers)
  160. Predictions Wrath of the zanpaktou
  161. Character Uryu and ichigo-
  162. Character Aizen is THE most annoying character I ever got to know
  163. The battle of quincy - ichigo vs. uryuu - theory
  164. Bleach Dreams
  165. Spirits are forever with you
  166. crazy theroy
  167. Conjecture: The Inception of Ichigo
  168. Favorites Favorite Sternritter