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  1. Powers Straw Hat's Crew Strength (Ranking)
  2. Character Garp Discussion Thread
  3. Powers Devil Fruits
  4. Info One Piece Volume Cover thread! (Latest: Vol. 71)
  5. Powers Doflamingo's Ability
  6. Theory Tashigi and Kuina: What's the connection?
  7. Powers Theories and hypotheses about Gear 4th
  8. Theory Opinions About Luffy's Mother
  9. Theory Obscure characters connection in One Piece
  10. Character Smoker Discussion
  11. Question How strong do you think Dragon really is?
  12. Question Who's Your Favorite Female Character?
  13. Character The Gecko Moria thread
  14. Info One Piece Databooks & 10th Treasures
  15. Character Shanks Discussion
  16. Question What will happen when luffy meets his father?
  17. Powers Robin could have the deadliest ability
  18. Favorites Favorite One Piece characters
  19. Character How does Lucci compare to the Shichibukai, Yonkou or higher level Marines?
  20. Theory Criteria for the appointment of Shichibukai
  21. Favorites Which Crew Members is Your Favorite?
  22. Powers How Can Brook Die?
  23. Theory The Unknown Yonkou: Kaidou and the mysterious fourth one
  24. Character The 11 Supernovae
  25. Powers Power Advancements
  26. Powers Use(s) of Haki
  27. Character Akainu
  28. Powers What's the best allround ability
  29. Question Are the Yonkou not interested in One Piece?
  30. Character Admiral Kizaru Discussion Thread
  31. Theory Ace's Bounty
  32. Theory Shichibukai - 7 sins? :O
  33. Question When Did Luffy Learn Gear Second?
  34. Powers Is Kuma as Strong as We Think?
  35. Powers Nature of the Yonkou's Power and Influence
  36. Character General Marines Discussion
  37. Theory The Power of the Shichibukai
  38. Powers Seimei Kikan (Life Feedback)
  39. Powers Which Devil Fruit Power Would Fit the non-DF Users in the Straw Hat Crew?
  40. Favorites Beauty Pageant :)
  41. Theory The Dropped Name: Who is Dr. Vegapunk?
  42. Question Crews that Could Possibly Ally with the Straw Hats?
  43. Question Time for the top 3 SH's to move up to Shichibukai level?
  44. Powers Does Buggy know Haki?
  45. Powers Haki in the Real World
  46. Favorites Your Favorite Supernova
  47. Character Magellan Discussion Thread
  48. Powers Blackbeard's Strength
  49. Theory The Strength of the Vice-Admirals
  50. Question Natural Opponents
  51. Question So is Blackbeard evil or what?
  52. Theory Oda's Character Inspirations and Origins
  53. Powers Weapons of One Piece
  54. Character Franky, Pacifista, and Vegapunk.
  55. Powers The best use for each devil fruit
  56. Powers The strongest crew in One piece.
  57. Character Man, now I really hate Blackbeard!
  58. Favorites Best partners
  59. Character Doc Q "Shinigami" is a Swordsman
  60. Powers Lafitte is a Wingman!
  61. Powers The dissappointment of Devil Fruit
  62. Powers Mythical zoans
  63. Powers Zoro the one that is the closes to master his Haki
  64. Question Debating: is Kuma with the Revolution Army or not?
  65. Discussion Paramecia... Paramecia... Why this name?!
  66. Predictions The Next Shichibukai?
  67. Question WB Pirates Discussion Thread
  68. Powers Haki alternative?
  69. Question Most evil One Piece character?
  70. Powers Guess character POWERLEVELS
  71. Theory The Origin of Dragon
  72. Powers Roger's power/Devil fruit?
  73. Predictions Buggy's future prospects
  74. Theory Strongest character in One Piece as of yet = Garp?
  75. Favorites Your favorite admiral?
  76. Character Crocodile Discussion Thread
  77. Theory New ways for the Straw Hats to power up
  78. Character Crocodile Sex Change Theory
  79. Character Tyler Durden as a pattern for Doflamingo?
  80. Powers Non-Devil Fruit Powers.
  81. Theory Whitebeard pirates fame after "Edward betrayal"?
  82. Question If Luffy will use weapon in future... What it will be???
  83. Question Little Help With A Project
  84. Question Will Vivi and Carue come back?
  85. Character Inazuma Discussion Thread
  86. Theory The "New" Blackbeard Pirates Discussion Thread.
  87. Question Love or hate Blackbeard
  88. Character Your opinion about Ace
  89. Question What will happen to Ace's body?
  90. Predictions The Future of Croc.
  91. Question IS Blackbeard really a villain?
  92. Powers Luffy,2nd devil fruit, and ace
  93. Character The Doctors of One Piece
  94. Theory Representations of the SH's
  95. Powers Predictions for the final attack that will be used in One Piece by characters
  96. Theory StrawHat Pirates Allies
  97. Question Did Blackbeard fight Shanks before he had his own crew?
  98. Character Bountyhunters
  99. Theory Smoker's Crew to match Luffy's
  100. Question How many times were Luffy or his crew defeated in the manga and why?
  101. Theory The true role of Eustass Kidd
  102. Question Which Straw Hat has the saddest backstory?
  103. Question The strongest marine
  104. Question Secrets of Doflamingo
  105. Powers Gomu Gomu no King Pistol
  106. Theory Luffy, powerups and the end of One Piece
  107. Powers Brooke's Ability
  108. Character Sabo Thread
  109. Question Zoro Too Sleepy?
  110. Predictions Future divisions within the Marines.
  111. Powers How Powerful Is Enel considering everyone now?
  112. Powers Who best uses their Devil Fruit?
  113. Powers The Ability of Eustace Kidd
  114. Question Why does WG tolerate the Tenryubitto?
  115. Powers How will Luffy get stronger?
  116. Character Dragon Thread
  117. Theory Ages of characters.
  118. Theory Leaders of the "Revolution"
  119. Predictions Who will be next Admiral?
  120. Question Most Idiotic?
  121. Question Future of the Whitebeard Pirates
  122. Character The pacifista discussion thread
  123. Predictions Who will kill shanks
  124. Powers Most clever and original Devil Fruits
  125. Character Jewelry Bonny...what is her relationship with the World Government and Whitebeard?
  126. Question If Shiki or Enel end up appearing in the story don't you think they will join BB crews not Marine?
  127. Powers Is Brook Immortal?
  128. Character One Piece Characters Discussion & Predictions Thread
  129. Powers kizaru could a mirror beat him?
  130. Powers What will happen when Chopper will master his DF?
  131. Powers List of Conqueror haki users
  132. Question New Supernovas?
  133. Powers Luffy's haki specialty
  134. Theory Theory on Bartholomew Kuma
  135. Theory The eyes of DoFlamingo
  136. Theory the Strawhats should get fodder crew members
  137. Character Robins past and the Admirals
  138. Question What Admiral will be defeated next?
  139. Powers Strawhat Intelligence, Strategy and Battle
  140. Powers DF Natural weakness
  141. Question Is there stronger characters in the WG?
  142. Powers Will there be a gear 4
  143. Character who do you think is Lola's mom
  144. Powers Hana Hana no Mi, the most powerful fruit?
  145. Powers Another color of haki after conqueror ?
  146. Character From the OP world i want to know your favorites
  147. Powers Zoro's Arm
  148. Character Nami's origin
  149. Predictions Promotions and Growth in the Marines
  150. Powers withstanding haki
  151. Powers Franky's upgrades
  152. Powers Devil Fruit All Purpose Thread
  153. Question Blackbeard! The opposite of Luffy or just the same.
  154. Theory Vegapunk the revolutionary?
  155. Theory Roger's bloodline's not over!!!
  156. Predictions Trafalgar Law predictions
  157. Powers Sanjuan Wolf: Confirmed Non-Devil Fruit User or not?
  158. Theory The Shichibukai pirate crews
  159. Theory Straw hat families
  160. Powers Zoro's Eye
  161. Powers Luffy's new possible technique G2+legs and G3+arms
  162. Character Coby official thread
  163. Powers What is Your favorite Devil's Fruit in the series so far and why?
  164. Character USOPP'S ADVENTURE!!
  165. Powers How Would A Devil Fruit Effect a Fishman
  166. Powers Caribou's Logia Power
  167. Theory The strawhats are already stronger than most new world pirates
  168. Theory GIANTS
  169. Character Anyone think that Latiffe has a mythical zoan fruit?
  170. Character Wapol
  171. Powers Do You Think Zoro Is Only Limited To 3 Swords
  172. Theory How Gol D. Roger was able to write in ancient language
  173. Powers Mythical Zoans
  174. Powers How long does it take for a devil fruit to "come back"?
  175. Character Purpose of Marguerite.
  176. Powers Zoans and animals in One Piece- their meaning
  177. Theory Gorousei's emblem
  178. Powers Blackbeard's next DF ability
  179. Character Vegapunk's deals and goals
  180. Powers Is Zoro as strong as Rayleigh?
  181. Powers Enel Color of Observation is the highest level & the best of all!!
  182. Powers Who will take out the admirals?
  183. Question Donquixote D. O'Flamingo?
  184. Theory Gol D Roger's Disease and Devil Fruit Power
  185. Powers Can Luffy surpass roger in power
  186. Favorites "Him again??" People we don't wanna see in the NW
  187. Powers Do you think we will see more DF types?
  188. Predictions Crews strength - what you expect from now on
  189. Powers Gura Gura no Mi?
  190. Powers Brook isn't a swordsman anymore?
  191. Question Zoro must had done something infamous during his 2 years of training?
  192. Question Who are the most hated characters on One Piece and Why?
  193. Question How did the admirals become so strong?
  194. Question Jimbei upset about the Arlong incident?
  195. Predictions New Fishmen/women or mermen/maid
  196. Theory Gear 4th will be "Hiken"
  197. Theory A possible theory for the origin of Devil Fruits
  198. Character Crocodile`s Secret
  199. Question WHOs the strongest in blackbeard PIRATES in sequence?
  200. Question Which type of haki do you think luffy mastered the best during his training?
  201. Character Is Koala Jewelry Bonnie?
  202. Character The Sabo Factor
  203. Powers The Devil Fruits
  204. Powers Another topic about what SHs already have haki
  205. Powers Which SH do you think is the most compatible with the entire Rokushiki style?
  206. Predictions Princess Shirahoshi is One of ancient weapon?
  207. Predictions Luffy Shirahoshi's saviour
  208. Theory Gold Roger, Pirate King used to be a slave?
  209. Powers Usopp New Ammo(Theory)
  210. Predictions Madam Shirley, Den and Hyozo is Main Enemy in Fishman Arc
  211. Question Luffy's Gear Second
  212. Discussion Anyone missing Hancock? I do. A lot
  213. Theory One Piece Geography Grandline - Red Line - east blue
  214. Question Who’s on the Straw hats side when push comes to shove?
  215. Question Do you think Vegapunk will be a future nakama of SH Pirates?
  216. Theory Awakened Fighters
  217. Theory Railegh is Luffy's uncle!!
  218. Powers Evolution of Rokushiki among the strawhats
  219. Theory A different way to predict a new nakama's abilities
  220. Theory Vegapunks Role and The Body of a D.
  221. Theory Robin is hiding something
  222. Theory Kaku can do point control
  223. Theory Hodi's pills?
  224. Favorites Personal top 5 most bad ass ONE PIECE character
  225. Character Bonnie is Ace's Mother
  226. Powers Luffy's Attacks
  227. Question Whats the fuss bout CoC?!
  228. Character -All Inclusive- Blackbeard Thread
  229. Theory The (best?) theory about the ending of One Piece (Spoiler?)
  230. Character Supernovas a kids
  231. Character The Future of Aokiji
  232. Question Rivals- Luffy and Blackbeard ?
  233. Theory Ancient Weapons Predictions and Theories
  234. Predictions The whitebeard pirates?
  235. Discussion Big Mom Pirates
  236. Theory Could Blackbeard be an Ancient Weapon?
  237. Discussion Commander In Chief Kong: What Is He Worth ?
  238. Theory Will BB have interest in chopper's fruit?
  239. Theory Tenryuubito and Uranus and Ten dragon people
  240. Theory Will the number 3 have any sort of importance to the manga?
  241. Question You think Oda is really going for the RPG elements in terms of characters??
  242. Character Sanji's manly moment and Oda's plans for him.
  243. Powers Potential of Devil Fruit user
  244. Character Mihawk's Power Level
  245. Predictions Next crew breaking moment?
  246. Predictions What is crocodile up to?
  247. Discussion Marine Weaponry
  248. Powers Will we ever see a mera mera no mi user again?
  249. Question Ranking of the Strawhats' Strength
  250. Discussion Versus Royale