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  3. Discussion Who here likes Raki as a character in the story?
  4. Discussion Who do you think helped Miria find the information on the Org??
  5. Discussion Raki's armor.
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  7. Favorites Favourite Claymore character??
  8. Why didn't Teresa fight the abyssal ones?
  9. Discussion How are the Yomas created??
  10. Discussion The Mainland and its ongoing 100 years war?
  11. Question Is Ilena dead?
  12. Question What is Rubel?
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  16. Discussion Pre-emptive Youki Sensing Ability (PYSA)
  17. Discussion Raki and Claire relationship
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  19. Discussion Teresa vs. Priscilla - Who is stronger?
  20. Discussion was priscilla an offensive or defensive as a claymore
  21. Discussion If all 3 abyssal ones fought against each other who would win
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  23. Discussion Obervations and questions after re-reading manga
  24. Discussion Irene and Rafaela: Just how powerful were they really?
  25. Theory We're looking at the Destroyer completely Wrong
  26. Question Riful, Could Be Still Alive??
  27. Discussion Priscilla vs the destoyer.who will win
  28. Discussion Discussion of Humans' Possibility in Killing Yomas and in Taking Down the Organization
  29. Discussion Phantom Miria Vs. Galatea (Who's fit for the 3rd rank)?
  30. Theory Two (Possible) New Discoveries !!!
  31. defeating priscilla
  32. Predictions how many people think that priscilla will become a good guy in the future?
  33. Discussion Will the abyss feeders have a chance against the destroyer
  34. Question Should Priscilla be considered an abyssal one even tho she has never been a number one
  35. Discussion The sisters Alicia and beth vs the other sisters raphaela and luciela
  36. Discussion Could 10% release of yoma power really be teresa's limit
  37. Theory Beyond a Claymore, But Not an Awakened
  38. Discussion This manga makes me feel bad :(
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  40. The Abyssal Ones? (Spoilers)
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  42. Discussion How can the organization control AB?
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  44. Question Is the Graphic quality going down?
  45. Discussion Who(or what) is the 3rd being inside the remains of the Destroyer?
  46. Discussion Something interesting in Teresa's generation with AB
  47. Clare should give up trying to kill priscilla
  48. Discussion Male AB's compared to female AB's
  49. Info Claymore Island Mapping Project
  50. Discussion Yagi's source of inspiration
  51. What level do you think have the abysmals in human form?
  52. Discussion soul link replacement awakening
  53. Discussion Could Be Raftela Mind......
  54. Discussion A case for Eating rather than Feeding
  55. Theory Clare, more powerful than a rank 47 prior to being a HA
  56. Discussion Is Raki still Human or not?
  57. Discussion Claire And Priscilla Back Into The Scene
  58. Discussion Quick/Flash Sword
  59. Windcutter Sword
  60. Drill/"Rotary" Sword
  61. "Rippling/Snake Sword"
  62. "Dual Swords"
  63. "Jump Sword"
  64. "Strong Sword"
  65. "Gentle Sword"
  66. Shadow Chaser/Hunter Sword
  67. Galatea
  68. "Yoki Focusing and Burst Abilities"
  69. Yoki Manipulation/Control/"Compulsion" and "Genjutsu/Illusionary" Abilities
  70. Yoki Synchronization/Soul Link Abilities
  71. Yoki Sensing Abilities
  72. Yoki Suppression Ability
  73. "Mind/Life Transfer and Posession Abilities"
  74. Phantom/"Mirage" Step and "Speed" Abilities
  75. "Partial Awakening Abilities"
  76. Healing/Re-Attachment/Regeneration Abilities
  77. "Muscle Bulking Ability"
  78. "Supportive Regeneration of Others Ability"
  79. Arm Twisting/Extending and Neck Twisting Abilities
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  90. About Different translations of the Dead/Revived Rank 1 Claymores' Titles
  91. Discussion Who Knew about Clare being 1/4 yoma and her past with Teresa
  92. Discussion Where Claymore's Skills Are Born??
  93. Discussion Looking Beyond the Plot- Clare's Jesus Similarities and Differences
  94. Are all #1s Offensive Types?
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  96. Discussion Questioning the Org's Past: Your thoughts, theories, speculations
  97. Theory Clare's Final Opponent
  98. Discussion cassandra, roxanne,hysteria yoki limit awaken release theory
  99. Roxanne
  100. Cassandra
  101. Hysteria
  102. Discussion Who's the #1 "Bad Girl" ???
  103. Discussion Possible Divergences and Alternate Universes
  104. Discussion Why Raki-chan is loved by so many girls but not by that many boys
  105. Question Question for the more vetran manga consumers here
  106. Discussion Raki and Clare relationship
  107. Discussion Most Preferable Claymore Technique
  108. Question Did the other BCs know that Rafaela was "re-instated" as the rank 5 ???
  109. Discussion The AO Ranking and Discussion Thread (Spoiler Warning)
  110. Discussion How would be the ranking of the current generation?
  111. Discussion A letter to Norihiro Yagi
  112. Most powerful/useful claymore technique
  113. Discussion How are defensive and offensive types determined?
  114. Discussion Offensive VS Defensive in Bubble Chart
  115. Question Miria The New protagonist?
  116. Discussion Poor Deneve getting abuse all the time!
  117. Predictions The Elegant Duster Eater of Love and Hate?
  118. Theory Dragons: why haven't we seen them yet?
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  121. Notable Nameless Warriors.
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  125. Question could the new abyssal ones go to human form
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  127. Significance and implications of Claymore names
  128. Discussion How are Claymores created?
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  131. Discussion Miria - a lucky idiot or a skillful strategist?
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  154. Question Is it worth buying the manga if you have seen the Anime? Also what other mangas would you recommend?
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  156. Discussion Priscilla's likely Action !!
  157. Predictions Claymore 145 - 146 - 147
  158. Question Finished Anime?
  159. Question will there be a second season ?
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  161. Discussion What awaits 'Claymore' series in the future?
  162. Discussion Clare's progression, motive and final fight with Priscilla
  163. Theory Claymore Science
  165. Favorites The Fairest of Them All: A Claymore Character Tournament
  166. Discussion Origin of yoma (and other cultural aspects of Claymore)
  167. Question So is it an "Island" or "Continent"
  168. Discussion raki and prisclla
  169. Discussion Resemblance between Claymore, Angel Densetsu, Undeadman
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  171. Discussion Claymore characters in our world: who would they be?
  172. Discussion Love and Hate, Blade of Evil and Dust Eater early concepts within the story?
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  175. Question How many chapters do you believe we have left?
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  178. Discussion I never understood why some people said the "Priscilla" thing dragged if...
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  182. What is the end fate of Love & Hate?