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  1. Toshokan Rules & Subforums
  2. History in Naruto - putting it all together
  3. Who's the Third Mangekyou User?
  4. Your Naruto Long-term Predictions
  5. What if an Uchiha had a child with someone from the Hyuuga Clan?
  6. Madara Mega Convo
  7. Kakashi's Team: Did They really die?
  8. Post-Timeskip Outfits...Yay or Nay?
  9. Jutsu Hiraishin vs. Kawarimi
  10. Will Sasuke Ever Surpass Itachi?
  11. Jutsu Summoning Animals - Character/Animal Associations?
  12. Japanese Myths
  13. What Rank are Naruto and Sasuke Right Now?
  14. Jutsu Orochimaru's Body Switch
  15. Discussion The Uchiha Clan's Secret (aka the Uchiha/Kyuubi Connection)
  16. The death of Kakashi?
  17. Shikamaru? ANBU captain?
  18. Discussion The Naruto PLOT HOLE Archive
  19. Sasuke's "That Jutsu"
  20. Theory: How Chakra Works [A semi-functional model]
  21. Konoha's white Fang
  22. Akamaru - Part II Mega Convo
  23. Will Sasuke obtain the (Eternal) Mangekyo Sharingan?
  24. Do You Like How Shikamaru Was Written ?
  25. Asuma Memorial Thread
  26. Similarities between Naruto and 666 Satan?
  27. Jutsu Handseals and elements
  28. What Team or Individual Would an Akatsuki Duo/Member be Weak Against?
  29. Ethnicity in the Naruto world
  30. Has Naruto surpassed Kakashi?
  31. Naruto and the Kyuubi
  32. Poll: the next Akatsuki member to be defeated
  33. What if Naruto and Hinata had kids?
  34. Rename The Characters/Clans In Naruto
  35. Reason for Sasuke's Team
  36. Sasuke's Teammates: Karin analysis
  37. Time Continuity Issue with Itachi & Orochimaru
  38. The Legend of the Tailed Beasts by Dyroness.
  39. What Information is in the Black Book of Kabuto?
  40. Genin age
  41. Discussion Naruto's Lover: Who should it be and why?
  42. Where are the Akatsuki members from?
  43. Is Kisame unaffected by the Sharingan?
  44. Translation Issue and Clarification/Translators Discussion: Tobi's Lines in ch 364
  45. Kakuzu's death and Fuuton Rasengan
  46. Sai's Story
  47. Jutsu Tobi's one shot-K.O jutsu
  48. Kisame May Be Dead
  49. Juugo is a Jinchuuriki?
  50. The Death of Jiraiya - Will it change Naruto?
  51. Whirlpool Country Location
  52. Question Potential Konoha Take-over Imminent?
  53. How I want Itachi & Sasuke Feud to end
  54. Origin of the Fire Country Symbol?
  55. Theory Danzou and Madara's theories: discuss here!
  56. How different are the regular summons to the tailed beasts?
  57. What Does a Scratched Headband Mean?
  58. Jiraiya's Giant Scroll...What Is It?
  59. Jutsu Shodaime's Bijuu Control
  60. Question Does Sasuke know Kage Bunshin no Jutsu?
  61. Why did Orochimaru join Akatsuki?
  62. Why Orochimaru only had Anko and why Tsunade didn't have students?
  63. What if Sasuke and Sakura had kids?
  64. Pain will be Naruto's sensei and Madara will be Sasuke's!
  65. Your Favorite Country in Naruto's World
  66. Ultimate Forms
  67. How much chakra does Sasuke have?
  68. Discussion 6 Schools, 6 Paths of the Ninja
  69. Jiraiya "Pupil" Prophecy
  70. Will Naruto Ever Fight Alongside the Toads?
  71. Size of Konoha Clans...
  72. Question regarding Deidera's hands
  73. 400th chapter event
  74. Manga Naruto on podcast?
  75. Question Why Did Orochimaru Want the Sharingan and not the Rinnegan?
  76. Why did Minato die?
  77. Yahiko Related to Naruto?
  78. Question What if Jiraiya and Tsunade had kids?
  79. Question Will Naruto ever fight again in part 2 ?
  80. Question Why did Sandaime come out of retirement after Yondaime died?
  81. Orochimaru-Jiraiya Gaiden Needed?
  82. Question Will a New Character be introduced in this arc?
  83. Who is Closer to Naruto: Kakashi or Jiraiya?
  84. Male Medical Ninjas
  85. Jiraiya's role in the manga?
  86. The Official Naruto Season 3 Thread.
  87. Jutsu Demon Shroud Summoning
  88. How do you practice life-consuming jutsus?
  89. Naruto 2008's colors
  90. The limitations of henge?
  91. Question How long do Orochimaru's bodies last?
  92. character growth / development does not mean someone dies
  93. Just how old is Konoha and Ninja World?
  94. Question Does anyone have more chakra than Naruto?
  95. Will Naruto have to train again with the frog scrolls? Who will help now?
  96. Discussion The covers counts/means something thread.
  97. Main Character, not main characters...
  98. Naruto's Lineage
  99. Jutsu Measuring chakra
  100. Question Difference between scans and tankobon
  101. Is Madara a Shinigami?
  102. What would happen if Itachi or Sasuke notice that Zetsu is spying on them?
  103. My Pre-Rin'negan Ninjutsu Bloodline
  104. What could Hidan's village be like?
  105. Just what happened at the Valley of the End?
  106. How did Yondaime keep the Kyuubi still while summoning the death god?
  107. How will the side character's factor in the upcoming battle?
  108. Jiraiya's Code
  109. Madara wants to give his brother Itachi's EMS eyes?
  110. Question Who has the most knowledge of jutsu in -NARUTO-?
  111. What will Kishi do about Tobi vs Team Konoha?
  112. What will Itachi do after he gets Sasuke's eyes?
  113. Team Hebi - Why not join with Team Naruto?
  114. Naruto's fate.
  115. Jutsu Rinnegan VS Mangekyou Sharingan
  116. Will Itachi get EMS if he kills sasuke?
  117. Question What's so special about Konan's abillity?
  118. Zetsu's Uchiha breakfast
  119. Old Dog, Same Tricks
  120. The Ultimate Sasuke Theory - A Must Read
  121. Imperial Regalia of Japan and Narutoverse
  122. Sasuke's Cursed Seal.. a foreshadowing of return?
  123. Anko and Juugo: Timeline Confusion
  124. my opinion why itachi dies and why he head tipped him
  125. Jutsu Itachi's Susanoo - Death Jutsu?
  126. What did Itachi Really Say?
  127. How will Kisame react to Itachi's death?
  128. Itachis or Madaras Blood Ritual? (Bodytransfer)
  129. Question Who likes Shino?
  130. The person who Itachi fought before Sasuke...
  131. Itachi Found In Real Life?
  132. Jutsu Chakra Sensing - Canon Examples?
  133. The likeliness of Jiraya's body being found?
  134. Why wasn't Madara revealed to Kisame?
  135. Welcome to the Naruto Playground
  136. Who will be the 6th Hokage?
  137. Uchiha clan - females
  138. Can one really transfer "Doujutsu" Abilities by transferring eyes?
  139. Discussion dragonball in naruto?
  140. Kakashi--Related to the Second Hokage?
  141. Jutsu Secondary Elements Explanation
  142. Deidara's Clan revealed?
  143. Purpose of Chidori in Relation to Sasuke
  144. Question Can Madara control Kyuubi within Naruto's mind?
  145. Sasuke's Fate
  146. Sasuke Will Join Akatsuki?
  147. Post-Naruto story?
  148. Discussion 'Snake man' slithers out of prison cell (THROW)
  149. Who's a better teacher, Jiraiya or Kakashi?
  150. Sasuke's Curse Seal - Gone (And More!)
  151. Nidaime, Danzo, Senju, ANBU, and Uchiha
  152. Discussion Naruto's Ending
  153. itachi the spy of jiraiya
  154. With Jiraiya's death can Tsunade really afford to hide Naruto's parentage any longer?
  155. What Sharingan Does Sasuke Have? / How powerfull is Itachi?
  156. Sixteen years ago...
  157. Discussion Naruto x Yotsuba Crossover... FUNNY (THROW)
  158. Naruto's next GOOD fight
  159. Do you think any of the current Villians will turn good?
  160. Jutsu The Limits of Nature Manipulation...
  161. Shiho - likes glasses, codes, and Shikamaru
  162. Sasuke and the Eighth Bijuu
  163. Should Naruto's new look also reflect his new mentality?
  164. Naruto - the new pervert?
  165. Dropping Naruto, why not?
  166. Naruto will learn Hirashin/Teleport Jutsu on Myobokuzan
  167. Why Kishi is going to focus on Kakashi and Sakura
  168. Jutsu Elemental Recomposition
  169. Jutsu 8tails' multiple sword technique
  170. Defense for the Elders
  171. who do want to win in the current manga fight
  172. 412 Who will help Sasuke and Co.
  173. Sasuke and Hachibi fight, new MS technique revealed?
  174. 8 tailed tail beast - Satan!?
  175. Could Juugo be Yahiko?
  176. Warbred shinobi vs Peacebred shinobi
  177. Naruto Release Dates
  178. Jutsu The Chakra Cloak of Jinchuuriki's and Bijuu Transformation
  179. Question New Akatsuki Members?
  180. Question Will Kakashi ever train Sakura?
  181. What Naruto will learn from "The Legend of the Gutsy Ninja"
  182. how far will kishi stray from Sasuke's bonds?
  183. "Will of Fire" ....?
  184. Uchiha Bloodline Uncovered....
  185. Match-Up Guidelines
  186. Does anyone think Madara's goal is to revive Tengu king
  187. Kakashi (Gaiden) or Sasuke (Pre-Timeskip)
  188. What jutsu is Naruto working on behind Pa Frog's back?
  189. Non-translated Scans
  190. Salamander Hanzou defeat
  191. Pain's Girl body possibility
  192. Naruto's incomplete FRS
  193. Who's Sabu-sensei?
  194. Naruto Special Chapter: Kakashi's Face Unveiled
  195. Order of Appearance, a Precursor to the Order of Characters Death?
  196. New Elders
  197. Tsunades summoning compared to other 2 sannins
  198. Yahiko-Pain is afraid of Kakashi
  199. First appearances in the Manga, organized by Chapter.
  200. Sasori's Iron Sand usage
  201. Question Why did Itachi tell Sasuke to "kill his best friend"?
  202. Is Naruto overrated by his fans/in the manga?
  203. Viz plans 11 more Naruto volumes in 3 months (CONFIRMED, NEW SOURCE)
  204. Who did Sandaime have in mind to become his successor?
  205. Itachi's teacher
  206. Romance (and society) in Naruto
  207. Would Sasuke's EMS even work on Naruto?
  208. Question Is the Uchiha clan dead?
  209. Jump Festa 2008 Interview fake?
  210. Jutsu Is water conductive of electricity (lightning element) in the world of Naruto?
  211. Shinobi Weapon Specialist
  212. NARUTO 404: Text discrepancy (About Madara being the Mizukage)
  213. What's Youton?
  214. 2008 Naruto Character of the Year (Redone)
  215. Is there a chance for Shizune's revival?
  216. What Do You Think Sasuke Has Been Doing This Whole Time?
  217. Looking for chapters...
  218. Is Aburame clan immune to genjutsu??
  219. Any interest in Arabic translations?
  220. The next power ups
  221. Every Freakin' Theory Rolled Into One: The Return!
  222. Question Do you think Sakura has a "That Jutsu"?
  223. XXX R-rated Epics of The WeeK (438)
  224. Jutsu Naruto's Scroll: Similar version of the 4th's
  225. Discussion Looking left and right at the same time and the (posible) bright future for Naruto
  226. Martial Arts in Naruto
  227. Naruto-World scaled
  228. Discussion Strange illness in Naruto
  229. The 2nd Great Ninja War
  230. Question Are Tsunade & Dan Minato's mother and father?
  231. Who Will Snap Naruto Out of 6 Tail Mode?
  232. Discussion What heavily burdens the evolution of the manga
  233. Welcome to the Hokage's Office
  234. Best frame(s) of the week - Now running: 442!
  235. Naruto VS Madara
  236. Discussion How should a man be?
  237. Discussion Rank these 7 Acumens of Naruto Shinobis
  238. Theory Shodaime used Gedo Mazo to seal the Bijuu
  239. What's going to happen to Nagato?
  240. Discussion Naruto Foreshadows
  241. Kishi's last interview about Naruto's future - spoilers and what came true
  242. Organization->Movement->Revolution
  243. Discussion Should Naruto be classified as Sage or Genin
  244. Question What if there was really a Tengu king?
  245. Did Rikudou sealed something in the moon?
  246. Discussion Itachi's foresight truly was impressive!
  247. Discussion Danzo's Darkness
  248. Jutsu The Edo Tensei Thread
  249. What will be of Sasuke?
  250. Tsunade's place within the Leaf now that she is not Hokage