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  4. Translators ryColaa looking for Korean Translators for Rebirth Knight
  5. Assorted Recruiting for Balikatan Group Scans (New Group) - Various Positions
  6. Assorted Forgotten Scans Is Recruiting!
  7. Assorted Chibi Manga Needs YOU!!!
  8. Assorted [Otome Scans] is recruiting...
  9. Assorted [Assorted] Shirayuki Scans Recruiting
  10. Translators Looking for a J->E translator for a new seinen manga
  11. Assorted Mecha/Gundam Completion Project
  12. Typesetters Looking for a Typesetter to help with Elfen Lied
  13. Assorted Evil Flowers is recruiting assorted positions
  14. Translators Need Japanese to english translator for DB Heroes: Victory Mission
  15. Translators Secret of Yoshiki Tonogai [Translators needed]
  16. Translators A long shot but w/e [Addicted to Curry]
  17. Translators Transscription &/ Translation of Japanese Videos about Studio Ghibli
  18. Translators Jcafe is recruiting translators KOREAN
  19. Assorted [Assorted] Giraffe Corps Novel Translation
  20. Translators Looking for a Chinese to English translator for School Shock!
  21. Assorted Aisheteru Scans are recruiting!
  22. Translators Zeus EX is looking for TLs Shihou Sekai no Ou, Wakaba Mariji, Cupid no Itazura Nijidama.
  23. Translators Requesting help from a Chinese or Japanese Translator
  24. Cleaners Illuminati-Manga is recruiting editors
  25. Translators (Azyne Scans) Need translator for Mahou Shoujo Pretty Bell.
  26. Translators Projects Nina Jalhae and Sengoku
  27. Translators Fighting Dreamers Scanlations needs a translator for Slayers Special (Light Novels) - Book 1 - Chapter 3 - Part 6
  28. Translators Fourth Boundary is recruiting!
  29. Assorted Easy Going Scans is in need of editors, proofers, and Korean translators
  30. Translators Japanese Translators Needed!!!!!
  31. Translators Looking for experienced translators
  32. Typesetters Seeking editor/cleaner/proofreader for small one-shot projects
  33. Translators J->E Translator Needed for "Bite-Me Chameleon"
  34. Assorted [LF Cleaner, Editor, Typesetter] Hiyoko no GAO is recruiting for manga "Mahoujin Guru Guru"
  35. Assorted Turtle Paradise is Recruiting! (◕ω◕✿)
  36. Translators Chinese to English Translators?
  37. Translators Paid freelancing JP translator job
  38. Assorted Tennsai Scans NEEDS a Raw Provider & Cleaner!!
  39. Translators Looking for japanese translator
  40. Translators -And PR/TS - One Time Scans needs you for Accel World!
  41. Translators GNG Board Game Project Needs a Translator (Jap -> En)