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  1. Discussion Who here likes Raki as a character in the story?
  2. Favorites Favourite Claymore character??
  3. Character Why didn't Teresa fight the abyssal ones?
  4. Question What is Rubel?
  5. Discussion Raki and Claire relationship
  6. Info Characters of Claymore Project
  7. Discussion Teresa vs. Priscilla - Who is stronger?
  8. Discussion was priscilla an offensive or defensive as a claymore
  9. Discussion If all 3 abyssal ones fought against each other who would win
  10. Discussion Rank the Claymores
  11. Discussion Irene and Rafaela: Just how powerful were they really?
  12. Discussion Priscilla vs the destoyer.who will win
  13. Discussion Phantom Miria Vs. Galatea (Who's fit for the 3rd rank)?
  14. Character defeating priscilla
  15. Predictions how many people think that priscilla will become a good guy in the future?
  16. Question Should Priscilla be considered an abyssal one even tho she has never been a number one
  17. Discussion The sisters Alicia and beth vs the other sisters raphaela and luciela
  18. Discussion Could 10% release of yoma power really be teresa's limit
  19. Theory Beyond a Claymore, But Not an Awakened
  20. Character Priscilla Compendium Thread
  21. Character The Abyssal Ones? (Spoilers)
  22. Favorites Favorite Male Character
  23. Character Clare Compendium Thread
  24. Character Clare should give up trying to kill priscilla
  25. Character What level do you think have the abysmals in human form?
  26. Discussion soul link replacement awakening
  27. Theory Clare, more powerful than a rank 47 prior to being a HA
  28. Discussion Is Raki still Human or not?
  29. Sword Techniques Quick/Flash Sword
  30. Sword Techniques Windcutter Sword
  31. Sword Techniques Drill/"Rotary" Sword
  32. Sword Techniques "Rippling/Snake Sword"
  33. Sword Techniques "Dual Swords"
  34. Sword Techniques "Jump Sword"
  35. Sword Techniques "Strong Sword"
  36. Sword Techniques "Gentle Sword"
  37. Sword Techniques Shadow Chaser/Hunter Sword
  38. Character Galatea
  39. Yoki Abilities "Yoki Focusing and Burst Abilities"
  40. Yoki Abilities Yoki Manipulation/Control/"Compulsion" and "Genjutsu/Illusionary" Abilities
  41. Yoki Abilities Yoki Synchronization/Soul Link Abilities
  42. Yoki Abilities Yoki Sensing Abilities
  43. Yoki Abilities Yoki Suppression Ability
  44. Yoki Abilities "Mind/Life Transfer and Posession Abilities"
  45. Yoma Abilities Phantom/"Mirage" Step and "Speed" Abilities
  46. Yoma Abilities "Partial Awakening Abilities"
  47. Yoma Abilities Healing/Re-Attachment/Regeneration Abilities
  48. Yoma Abilities "Muscle Bulking Ability"
  49. Yoki Abilities "Supportive Regeneration of Others Ability"
  50. Yoma Abilities Arm Twisting/Extending and Neck Twisting Abilities
  51. Sword Techniques "Sword Throwing Techniques"
  52. Character Yuma
  53. Character Miria
  54. Character Deneve
  55. Character Helen
  56. Character Teresa
  57. Character Irene
  58. Character Ophelia
  59. Character Rafaela
  60. Question Cassandra Hysteria and Roxanne youki
  61. Character About Different translations of the Dead/Revived Rank 1 Claymores' Titles
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  63. Character Are all #1s Offensive Types?
  64. Character Roxanne
  65. Character Cassandra
  66. Character Hysteria
  67. Discussion Most Preferable Claymore Technique
  68. Character Most powerful/useful claymore technique
  69. Discussion How are defensive and offensive types determined?
  70. Discussion Offensive VS Defensive in Bubble Chart
  71. Question Miria The New protagonist?
  72. Character Notable Nameless Warriors.
  73. Discussion The Unofficial Nicknames or Titles for the Unnamed
  74. Character Significance and implications of Claymore names
  75. Character Miata Discussion Thread
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  77. Predictions Chronos's conversation with raki?
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