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August 28, 2010, 10:17 AM

I'm new to that part of the forum. I just read the 324 chapters of gantz and I thought I'd create a post to gather all translations of alien talk from past chapters and future because translators seem to be too lazy to do it, and I don't like missing anything when reading a manga, no matter what stupid things the aliens may have to say (so far).

So here is the alphabet


Page 32-33

damn it !
what happened ?!
oh !

Page 01

what happened ?!
asshole !!

Page 02-03

darn it
where is it !!
son of a bitch
what happened !!

Page 04

what the hell shit
fuckin bugs

Page 05


Page 06

earthworm damn it

Page 16

goddamn worm !!

Page 20

hang it
drop dead

Page 21

shove it

Page 23

die earthworm !!

Page 01

ahhhhhhhh ow

Page 02


Page 03

damn it
who are you ?
who the heck are you ?

Page 16-17


Page 18

(writings on the spy watch)
top left box : surface
arrow on top : p
box on the right to that arrow : pop
writting above kei's eyes : warning / dangerous
on the left box : analysis complete (nalysis mplete to be exact)
at the bottom : send ..
at the bottom : marked bug photo

Page 06

bullshit bugs
i'll get rid of
all of you

Page 07

hey stop it
we anni .hilate you all !!
you become extinct fuckin bugs
i'm not afraid of worm
you'll be afraid earthworms

Page 10-11


Page 05

mom' bug bugs here !!
don't touch it !!

Page 06

what's these bugs ? bugs are here !!
wow what's this ?!
these are local creatures !!
how did these enter ?
what ? local ?!
tread it !

Page 07

tread it !!
tread it !!

Page 08-09

image on the wall - top : tooth fairy comes
image on the wall - middle : announcement (? can't confirm it from the scan i have, read it somewhere else)
image on the wall - bottom : bite

Page 10

part visible on the wall : ...or...

Page 11

part visible on the wall on the right : ...be
last panel - image on the wall - top : tooth fairy comes (most likely)
last panel - image on the wall - bottom : bite

(For all the ads I rotate the image 90° clockwise and read the symbols top to bottom, right to left, though most of it doesn't make sense. If you can decypher it, knock yourself out, but I guess it's just gibberish since you can see that the symbol on the ad board page 10 (panel 2) doesn't match the one page 08-09
? means I couldn't get what the symbol was)

Page 08-09

ad board 1 :

(picture helmet or whatever it is)
use of to
lor the

ad board 2 :

(picture lady with string)
ic blue
e s san
s an lg

ad board 3 :

(picture face of a lady)
oy cla
board h
four dd

ad board 4 :

(picture spaceship?)

Page 10

Panel 3 - ad board

(picture with the badass alien warrior)
stand un
bla bla bla (too little)

Page 12-13

ad board 1 (the one to the right) :

tooth fairy comes (most likely)

ad board 3 (the one to the left) :

sabe (most likely the name of that helmet)

Page 15

hey look
ha ha ha what's that ?
that's fun
hey hey !!
have they escaped from somewhere ?
ha ha ha what's that ?

Page 17

look it
ha ha ha

last panel - menu on the right : lunch
last panel - menu on the left : cafe

Page 19

this meal loses flavor
i tired of this taste...
i don't need this

Page 22-23

here they're here

Page 03
on the policeman arùs and torso : police

Page 07

ad board 1 (the one to the right) :

tooth fairy comes (most likely)

ad board 3 (the one to the left) :


Page 09

ad board (it's not even the same message as before, or same picture, depends on how you see it)

(picture spaceship)
use of to
lor the

(the text is the same page 14, 15)

Page 14

who are you ?
what are you doing here ?

Page 15

has your father died ?
i feel sorry for you.

Page 11

ha. ha. ha. ha. ha. ha

Page 12

chase around
ha. ha. ha. ha. ha
smash all

Page 14


Page 15

damn it
oh noooo

I've tried to translate as much as I could with the scans I have since I don't have cleaned raws, but if you have them, I don't mind translating what I couldn't (like the menus and whatnot, I wonder if "human" is actually on it, I guess so...)

I did not change the sentences to make them sound like proper english, it's actually what's written in the bubbles, word for word (or letter for letter should I say)

I guess I'll do upcoming chapters if I don't forget it. Till then, feel free to correct any mistakes I made or even complete the alphabet. (I think some of the missing letters are some of the one I couldn't recognize, but i'm not sure)

Hope you'll appreciate. I was thinking of editing the concerned pages to insert the alien text and post the images, is it authorized ?

Thanks to whoever decypher the alphabet and post it.

ps : If this post could be sticked, thanks in advance.

August 28, 2010, 02:32 PM
Thanks for doing this. I honestly don't think the giants' lines should be translated in the scans, since they're not really meant to be "understood." I think it's better for people to figure out the lines for themselves (or read them in a thread like this).

August 28, 2010, 04:18 PM
Yeah...i posted it a month ago i think? on the Gantz hangout thread, i didn't have the translations updated past the chapter 315 though...

But i guess it deserves it's own thread.