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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 581 Discussion / 582 Predictions

    It is hard to determine if Ichigo is going to go all out of the FR's, I would like for him to "help" Kenpachi instead of curb-stomping the FR's. Ichigo fighting abilities should be closely aligned to...
  2. Replies

    Poll: [Favorites] Re: Favorite Sternritter

    I voted for Haschwalth because he is the epitome of coolness; while being a villain at the same time. He almost seem to have some regrets while following Juhah's orders. I am hoping that in the end,...
  3. [Favorites] Re: Who's the most attractive Bleach character to you?

    Well for me it's none other than Byakuya: fangirl
    I like his personality as I don't have time for foolishness and stupidity
    and yes why can't he be real real real ....ughh lol
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    [Discussion] Re: Things Yet To Be resolved

    My first post, more than likely Kaien is Ichigo's cousin. Aizen is a mysterious person. I suspect Aizen and Urahara are more close to being the same age. Not sure about Kenpachi.
  5. [Discussion] Re: Kaien's death or Isshin's leaving without permission that removed the shiba clan from the 5 great noble families?

    More than likely Kaien died before Isshin left soul society; and I think it was the main reason why Isshin in ETBTR went to investigate on his own to soul society. I have verification from one of his...
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