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  1. [Translators] Re: ☂ Summer Rain is looking for JP translators! ☂

  2. [Translators] ☂ Summer Rain is looking for JP translators! ☂

    Greetings manga fans! We're a shoujo group dedicated to cute manga like 3D Kanojo, Hiren Trip, Haru x Kiyo and so many more.

    To help bring joy to you shoujo/josei fans, we need volunteers to apply...
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    [Done] [JP] Help with one sentence

    Basically, I need help with this sentence in the image (the one with the red dot):

    "Heck, he's probably completely ___?"

    I underlined the...
  4. Sticky: [Help] Re: Short & Quick Translation Request Thread (Thread for members with little/no JP knowledge. OP for instruction.)

    Nevermind, haha. Guess no one wants to help.
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    Re: The Sohma Riku Thread


    I'm Raine for Summer Rain scans. I was just wondering if you by any chance are still translating Japanese manga? We urgently require a Japanese translator who can translate one chapter of a...
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