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  1. [Help Wanted] Re: [profit potential] Writer looking for an artist - mystery/fantasy/horror/adventure

    My intention was for this to be a "fun project", but I noticed that usually artists don't want to get involved in projects with no real plan behind the entire thing. So, I thought that promoting the...
  2. [Help Wanted] Re: [profit potential] Writer looking for an artist - mystery/fantasy/horror/adventure

    Blade is right!! No pro-level artist is going to work for free no matter how good u make it sound ...i am a mangaka and i know for certain the only way your are going to get an artist is through...
  3. [Help Wanted] Re: Looking for an artist to either do Commission work or work with me in creating the art for my amateur Manga

    hello i would be willing to work with you in creating your manga and i am pretty reasonable with commissions if you are still interested in an artist u can contact me here or email me at...
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    Re: The Lashival Trilogy - Book 2- The Enigma

    Hello, o began reading this some time ago and i really like this story..... i was wondering do u have an artist to concepts or create a manga from this...i believe it would be very popular....
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    Sticky: Re: Where to find talented mangaka?

    i am talented mangaka u can email me at i can provide links and sample work to those that are interested
  6. Mangaka seeks seasoned writer for one-shot possibly serialization

    Hello, i am mugen and im seeking an experienced writer to help publish my first manga. The writer must have a good story( preferably already written) and detailed scripts. I like psychological manga...
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    Re: Dissonant Underground and Synchromatic

    the panels look good...i like the style...keep going ^ ^
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