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    [Shounen] Re: Monster Hunter Orage by Hiro Mashima

    search up japans supposed strongest samurai in its history...look at what he wields...yes two handed style...

    oh and that is just the life of a mangaka for you
  2. Re: Need Mangaka (artist) for my (or potentionally our) manga!!

    isn't this more of a review? go more in detail, i mean you're looking for an artist, nota reader. they need idea of what they're going to spend time on. what will "young addy" do? i bet "uncle" is...
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    Re: Seeking Manga Artist

    most people here are probably amateur artist, you should try seeking professional help if you're planning to have them play out the script you've written.. or if you can somehow help them visualize...
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    [Chapter] Re: Air Gear! What are ur thoughts about it??

    thats not going to attract any readers! they dont know the characters or their relations and how such events could be such a drastic happenings that would excite nearly anyone! anyways, give it a try.
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    [Chapter] Re: Air Gear! What are ur thoughts about it??

    haha, all i know is that its not ALL adventure...but at least later on protagonist ventures to find his "true wings"!
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