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  1. [Chapter] Latest chapter

    so ya guys i saw the latest chapter and i didnt expect that to happen at all, i wanted shinwoo to be next nobless but i guess you cant have what you want but i still want shinwoo to have some part on...
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    [Discussion] i see where this is going T_T

    the latest chapter 385 clearly tells us that shin might have feelings for Ten or he could look after her as a sister but the way kyoukai reacted i think that showed us that kyoukai knew that he must...
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    [Discussion] Re: Why ?????????

    plus the only one i think that is fit to be the successor is shinwoo because he is the type to always help other no matter what race, so with rai's life expectancy decreasing, i think shinwoo is the...
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    Poll: [Voting] Re: Best Pairing/Couple

    Shinwoo x seria because they look good together but rai x the current lord seem kinda like weird to me because i am pretty sur rai sees her as a nephew because rai and the past lord was in good terms...
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    [Discussion] Why ?????????

    so guys i dont know if you share the same though as me or not but the character Han Shinwoo in Noblesse needs to be made powerful cause i feel like strongly towards him because he is the first...
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