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    [Discussion] Re: What artifact would you choose

    Chisame's Artifact, Sceptrum Virtuale. Even if it would look stupid for a guy to have. We're living in an increasingly digital society and something that allows easy hacking and manipulation of data...
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    [Hangout] Lucy's New Key?

    In chapter 257, Father's 7 Years, we see that Lucy got a gift box from her father. We don't see whats inside it, but it's a long thin box. The perfect box shape for a key. Given that Lucy's father...
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    [Review] Re: Naruto 415 Discussions / 416 Predictions

    Everyone wishes he was alive but I think it would make death in this series totally meaningless if he suddenly pops up alive. I mean Oro's already made a complete mockery of the idea. I for one love...
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