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    [Discussion] Sasuke's Amaterasu won't work on Naruto!

    I know that a while back people were saying when Naruto and Sasuke fight, Sasuke will win because all he has to do is SPAM Amaterasu because Naruto can't avoid it. (I was included in that group) In...
  2. [Question] Re: Who will win, Sasuke or Naruto? or will they both die?

    Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke, just kidding obviously Sasuke can't win anymore. He's been winning his entire life against Naruto and now Naruto has grown up and it's about time for him to stop being the...
  3. [Question] Re: [FEATURED] Whose Hate will Naruto have to erase after the 4th Ninja war?

    Well I guess that if the villages were destroyed then Kyuubi Naruto and Yamato (If he ever returns) can go and make fruit trees and crops prosper maybe that would relieve some of the hate. But on a...
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    [Chapter] Re: Naruto 545 Discussion / 546 Predictions

    I totally agree with you on this statement, Rasengan can be used for not only attacked but also for cooking. I mean think about all that rotation he could make one hell of a cake batter and using...
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    Re: Bakuman 138 Spoiler Thread

    Based on how the story is going IMHO I believe it is going to be a tie. I just can't see Eiji or Ashirogi losing and the looks that the two editors had on the last page are about the same. But I will...
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    [Chapter] Re: Naruto 545 Discussion / 546 Predictions

    My only question is what ever happened to this? (Read the panel at the bottom)
  7. [Question] Whose Hate will Naruto have to erase after the 4th Ninja war?

    I was just rereading chapters 538 and 536. I couldn't understand whose Hate Naruto would have to eradicate after the 4th Ninja war is finished.

    Would it be the families of the Shinobi who died? ...
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    Poll: [Anime] Re: Naruto Shippuuden Episode 216 Discussion

    You guys have to understand that flashbacks are very important to Naruto Shippuuden.

    The reason being is some people who just randomly start watching Naruto Shippuuden and didn't watch "Naruto"...
  9. Poll: Original - Slavomir Academy ~ Renowned Glory

    Hello everyone my name is Tadoshi Chang.

    I am writing a novel called Slavomir Academy and posting it on a site called


    Madison Liang is a 14 year old...
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