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  1. Thread: tips on drawing

    by Wayne

    [Question] Re: tips on drawing

    Tip On Drawing Body's is easy All you need is a Reference Book ie anatomy books on the Human body Thay make for good references

    As for Faces Well you dont need to Reference a Face since Manga...
  2. Replies

    [Question] Re: Drawing help/tips

    what you should focus apo is first drawing faces and eyes mouths and anadamy once you got a constent flow than and only than put focus on things like hair and clothing
  3. Sticky: [Info] Re: General Digital Art/Photoshop Discussion/Hangout Thread

    Thow this Thread is Old might i recommend you use Manga Studio its just like Photoshop only it more tailored to drawing And Story Telling if you get my Drift

    thare 2 versions of Manga Studio...
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