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    [Done] Re: Until Death Do Us Part 62

    Thank you, I appreciate the feedback! I'll go through and make some changes.
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    [Done] Until Death Do Us Part 62

    I could really use a second (or more) pair of eyes on UDDUP Chapter 62, especially on the parts that get technical. Any general flow/word choice feedback would be welcome as well.

  3. [Seinen] Re: Until Death Do Us Part by Takashige Hiroshi & DOUBLE-S

    I think there's gotta be something about Mamoru's dark past that's the reason Genda has it in for him. I think Mamoru's got a little bit of an edge in skills because he's been through so much actual...
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    [Done] Dictionary fail: 友り

    I need hellllllp. T_T
    I cannot find anything on this word anywhere, and I can't really make sense of it from the context in a way that allows me to translate it to my satisfaction. I know 友 is...
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