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    [Shounen] Re: Soul Eater by OOKUBO Atsushi

    Yeah the last chapter was cool but the bad thing is that it is monthly not weakly :S i cant wait for the next chapters.
  2. Poll: [Chapter] Re: Fairy Tail 277 Spoiler Thread

    My prediction is that Bacchus is gonna pwn Elfman and in the end Elfman will say some shit about BEING A MAN and nakama plot attack.

    But still cool chapter i liked how the guy from Raven tail...
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    Poll: Re: Favorite Mage(s)

    I think my avatar pic and my signature are enough :D Laxus owns !!!
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    Re: Strongest Mages?

    I didn't understand is this for the FT guild only or there could be mages from other guilds ???? And can the mages that we can mention can be dead or just alive?
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