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  1. [Theory] Re: My theory on how Naruto will beat Obito

    Kakashi was able to use the Sharigan that Obito gave shortly after the implementation. So whose to say Naruto couldn't.

    This sounds not only horribly cliched but uninteresting. Sounds fit...
  2. [Theory] Re: My theory on how Naruto will beat Obito

    That would make sense but how does Naruto processing the nine tail's chakra allow to him to be wield the Rinnengan unless the Bijuu's chakra somehow correlated with him being able the process the...
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    Re: What's up, Fourteenthangel here!

    I have follow plenty of anime and manga but instead of presumbly boring you with all the details I will link you to this

    I take inspiration from a myriad of places but to name a few I really...
  4. [Theory] Re: My theory on how Naruto will beat Obito

    I sincerely doubt that Kishi is going pull that out his anus but I guess if he willing considering him it is not entirely out of left field.

    Wait, what? This sounds completely ridiculous then...
  5. [Theory] Re: My theory on how Naruto will beat Obito

    Well, I would agree but the tides of this battle could turn only a few ways and in they lead to similar yet different path. Obito will have to go down and we don't know as of yet if he has yet...
  6. [Theory] Re: My theory on how Naruto will beat Obito

    Firstly, the requirements on exactly how one would get the Rinnegan are as of yet unclear. Secondly, Naruto doesn't need to manifest the Rinnegan. All he would is Sasuke to manifest the ability and...
  7. [Theory] Re: How Naruto Beat Obito

    That wouldn't make much narrative sense since for one Sasuke isn't the main character and the story is titled Naruto in big bold letters. Secondly, everyone and their mother has entrusted the fate of...
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    [Hangout] Re: MH Shounen Hangout

    True, Jaco is probably going to last long I think Toriyama said a while that he doesn't want to do another long series like Dragonball. So we are still here waiting for the next of the so-called Big...
  9. [Theory] Re: How Naruto Beat Obito

    It is not like if Naruto had Sasuke's eyes they wouldn't awaken the Rinnegan. Also all the requirements needed to wield the power of the Rinnegan, Naruto has met. He has the blood of the Senju. All...
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    Re: What's up, Fourteenthangel here!

    I am watching the episode right now. Some of what they say and the events that place really hit home. Thanks! Also, I like you Mikasa signature!
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    What's up, Fourteenthangel here!

    Howdy, y'all! Okay I really not southern but I am new to the forums. I would say something about myself but honestly I don't know quite what to say. However, I am happy to be part of the community...
  12. [Theory] Re: How Naruto Beat Obito

    I think that the only way for Naruto to surpass the sage he will need both the sage's body and the sage's eyes and only then will he be sage's true successor. As he would have both, he would be...
  13. [Theory] Re: How Naruto Beat Obito

    That makes sense as Sasuke want to right the Leaf Village's wrongs but I don't his as "evil" as some people believe. It is true they both share a common enemy but by having their battle Kishi will be...
  14. [Theory] Re: How Naruto Beat Obito

    I see where you guys are coming from but I don't think the story was truly about Naruto and Sasuke at all but of Naruto and Obito. If Naruto and Sasuke were to fight their will have to some narrative...
  15. [Theory] My theory on how Naruto will beat Obito

    Note this is just a theory but please here me out. I do have a sizable amount evidence here. This is probably how Naruto will end. I wrote this all on note so I will...
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