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    Sticky: [Discussion] Re: Your favorite comics!

    I like all the comics I can not say that I like some particular comic.but if I read any of the comic and if it help me to laugh i like that all comics.Some comics are very interesting also you can...
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    Sticky: [Society] Re: Religious Discussion and Q&A Thread

    I want to share one thing is that all religion are the equal if we have Faith on God.The GOD is only one I can say,No matter that you are from other religion we are just human beings nothing else our...
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    [Fall] Re: College Football Thread

    Football is the game which I like the most.But for that we want the surface of the field is good should not sleepery and the other thing is the shoes which you are wearing for that are quite...
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    Sticky: [Hangout] Re: The Sports Hang-Out Thread!

    my favourite sport is football,I want to like to watch it,The main thing in the sport is that you can make your body active for every work.And Football is the sport by which you can get more exercise...
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