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  1. Thread: Bara

    by charliez

    [Discussion] Re: Bara

    Whoa, a Bara thread? I've ahh, read a few shorts out of curiosity (I can't remember any titles right now) and I have to say, it's really different from yaoi XD Not that it's bad, but with the lack of...
  2. [Discussion] Re: Boys Love Anime/Manga/Drama Confessions Thread

    yes, it's normal. very normal.

    *eyes growing stack of doujinshi shiftily* >_>

    Oh, that. I don't think I remember that one (I was thinking of the time where some of the members were...
  3. [Discussion] Re: Boys Love Anime/Manga/Drama Confessions Thread

    ... Do I know which incident this was? yes.. yes I think I do lol.

    It might be, unless the only thing that changed was only gender and if their personalities remained the same :B
  4. [Discussion] Re: Boys Love Anime/Manga/Drama Confessions Thread


    Also, not quite sure what to confess about, but I uh.. sometimes wonder if I would still ship my yaoi OTP if they were genderbent with slightly different personalities/characters/dynamics.
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