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    Re: Japanese thread 日本語

    二日前ぐらいにニコニコ動画を発見して、Vocaloidの”Just Be Friends",”愛 think so,”と”サイハテ”をはまってるんだよなー。:D

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    [Movies] Re: Top 5 Movies You Seen Many Times

    1. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds
    2. Princess Mononoke
    3. Lion King
    4. Totoro (Haven't seen it recently, tho..)
    5. Land Before Time II. (Well, it'd be at the top of the list by sheer number,...
  3. [Politics] Re: Japan's reaction to Obama bowing before the Emperor

    If the selected comments are indeed representative of the Japanese culture, then what he did can only be good. What matters is how the spirit of the action is taken, rather than the technicalities,...
  4. [Discussion] Re: Japan embraces pedophiles and incests in manga world

    Hrm. Is that an international article translated by some program? Because the grammar in the article seems to be atrocious, leading me to think that the source itself is... of questionable...
  5. [Other] Re: What Is The Longest Time That You've Been Without Shower?
    This, except for my BO. Well,... so far, not yet (only three days w/out) but I'm starting to go longer w/out since I've been in college. So...
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    [School] Re: What is your favourite subject?

    Currently I'm enjoying Organic Chem. Concepts >>> memorization.
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    [Other] Re: Things people find weird about you!

    Most of my friends can't recall me ever being publicly angry/sad/(very)happy... introvert win.
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    Sticky: [Language] Re: What Languages do you know?

    English and halfassed Japanese. (Start throwing in technical terms or more advanced terminology, and I'm screwed.)

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    [Travel] Re: Travel to Japan

    Bullet train is only for long distances, methinks. They're pretty expensive... or at least, maybe that's just 'cause I rode it from I-don't-remember-where to Kyuushuu. JR Trains are the more normal...
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    Sticky: [Hangout] Re: Current Favourite J-Song

    At the moment...

    Was this until a short while ago, tho.
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    [Society] Re: You're poor! You shouldn't marry!

    This reminds me of a certain discussion I had on another forum about who should be allowed to have children... heh.

    Although, yeah, it's sort of stupid. Japan needs to do all it can to increase...
  12. [Discussion] Re: Web comics no laughing matter / Shoddily scanned, translated manga causing headache for publishers

    At this point, the manga publishing comps are pretty much facing the same problems as the media companies, neh?

    But either way, it's pretty much unstoppable. And either way, you get free...
  13. [Society] Re: Woman illegally downloads 24 songs, fined for 1.9 million dollars

    Lol. By that logic, thieving candy from a store should only get you ten minutes in jail, because that's about how long you'd have to work to make the money to buy it at minimum wage. Or maybe at...
  14. [Politics] Re: Is Obama worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize?

    Eh, about the bill, even getting the bill this far is quite the feat; many presidents before have tried, and failed. It seems as though Obama's light touch as it pertains to the bill is letting it...
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    Sticky: [Society] Re: Religious Discussion and Q&A Thread

    I think the idea behind the post is good, and I agree with the concept. However, faith does not exist as an antithesis to logic and science. (Which, ofc, it only does for more conservative brands of...
  16. [Society] Re: Man Almost Loses Penis Humping Steel Bench

    Apparently this happens once in a while - I've seen this one, and read in a related article about how pplz sometimes gets stuck in other things like picnic tables. (where the umbrella thing goes in)
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    [Question] Re: Why did you choose your avatar?

    I thought the specific part of the larger webcomic image was awesome. :D Both picture and text-wise.
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    Sticky: [Travel] Re: Which COUNTRY that you LOVE to go??

    Japan. Specifically, as an American tourist.

    I've gone a few times as the son of Japanese immigrants to the US, but my knowledge of Japan/Japanese isn't good enough to really get the most out of...
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    Re: Introduction Thread - Part 2


    I'm Yuki (ゆうき in Japanese, but my legal name's Yuki, so... yo.).

    I'm a.... first generation American? Well, either way, I know some Japanese, enough to read almost all the RAWs and get...
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