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  1. [Predictions] Re: Do you think Luffy would one day be the strongest in one piece?

    I really think that Luffy will be the Pirate King at the end of the manga and to achieve that he will have to defeat a lot more enemies. And there will be a lot of stronger pirates in the New World,...
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    [Complete] Re: Reborn 404 Discussion / 405 Predictions

    Holy S***!! :gwah I really didn't expect him to be checker face!! That was a total suprise (at least for me...). I'm curious how this will develop... I think the next chapter we will get some...
  3. [Question] Re: Who should've joined the Strawhats from the ones who were left behind?

    I think that Jinbe will definitely join. He said himself that he first has to finish a few things and then he would join them. And after his talk with neptun I think that the "unfinished" things have...
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    [Chapter] Wow! That was one of the best chapters in the ast...

    Wow! That was one of the best chapters in the ast few weeks (IMO)!! The last page was just epic and I really like the idea that jimbei AND shirahoshi join the crew.:amuse The crew would look really...
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    Re: Reborn 343 Discussion/ 344 Prediction

    Cool chapter! :super And really a nice new power for Tsuna. But I wonder if he can use this power without Enma around... I don't think so cause he need the Shimon Ring, or am I wrong?!
    And I wonder...
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    [Chapter] Re: Naruto 545 Discussion / 546 Predictions

    Wow, I think that chapter was really good. We saw a lot of "new" jutsus from Naruto. I really enjoyed it because I didn't like the last few chapters so much... Hopefully we see more Naruto action...
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    [Character] Re: Guardian's strength?

    Okay this is my ranking:

    1. Hibari - Because it's often said that he is the strongest of the guardians. And he definitly showed it in all his fights.)

    2. Mukuro - If it would be only Chrome I...
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    Sticky: Re: How did you get your username?

    My username is a name of a character of the PS2 game Ephemeral Fantasia. It's really not the best game in the world, but I really like the story and the characters. They remind me of manga or anime...
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    [Complete] Re: Gamaran by NAKAMARU Yousuke

    I think that Gama will end the fight in the next chapter. I hope that zenmaru has a cool fight soon... Because I really want to see him in action. The fight on the bridge was little bit too short and...
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    [Discussion] Re: Relationships and Pairings

    I'm absolutely a fan of NaLu. But I don't expect that they will ever be a real couple like Haru/Ellie (at the end of the manga). I think the manga will end with no real couple. Okay maybe Gray and...
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    [Complete] Re: Cage of Eden by YAMADA Yoshinobu

    I've started to read Cage of Eden a week ago, but I'm already at chapter 91. :D
    I think the manga is really cool and has capability to became a very interesting manga in the near future. But the...
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    Re: Reborn 340 Spoiler Thread

    Oh this chapter was really cool. That Deamon can split up was quietly unexpected, but the idea was not bad.
    But I don't think that the fight will end like this. I would like to see more Tsuna &...
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    Sticky: Re: Where Do You Come From?

    I'm from Germany, a little village in the beautiful Rhineland! :super

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