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    [Chapter] Re: Gantz 326 Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Hey don't group us in with all the things evil people have done. I never ate a talking cow or chicken that also lived in cow city. Their may be good aliens somewhere but these are certainly are the...
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    Re: How strong is Uryu Ishida?

    I think the Quincy final form is just like a bankai, but Ishida achieved it prematurely having a negative affect on him. His father probably can do it anytime he wants without losing his reatsu.
  3. [Discussion] Re: The Obvious And Not So Obvious Reasons Why Captains Don't Go Bankai And Survive Fights

    A good excuse is that it wouldn't work well as a team, though real reason is probably to set Ichigo up as the hero. Kubo's efforts to do so was made painfully obvious when Unahana and others were...
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    [Theory] Re: Gantz is not using teleportation.

    I essentially agree with Hachiroo, but just to clarify. When the original body is being broken down and recreated elsewhere both the original and the copy are being kept in normal working order...
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