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  1. [Discussion] Re: Ranking the One Shadow, Nine Fists in terms of POWER

    I really wonder how everyone keeps praising Hongo for killing silcardo but forget that Agaard himself kill the top 3 underground Muay Thai masters AT ONCE. Being the leading masters of the Muay Thai...
  2. [Discussion] Re: Ranking the One Shadow, Nine Fists in terms of POWER

    My rankings:
    1/ Saiga: One Shadow
    2/ Mikumi/ Brahman: Bewitching fist/ Fist of Brahman
    3/ Jenazad: Demon fist God
    4/ Hongou/ Agaard/Ma sougetsu: God hand/ Sovereign of Fist/ Fierce god fist
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    [Discussion] Re: The mysteries of One Piece

    kinda late too join this thread but i cant believe nobody mention the "freaking huge" figures appeared behind Lola's crew at the end of the Thriller Bark arc
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