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    Re: Is Ichigo overrated?

    I agree with nell. Ichigo hasn't had his bankai for very long at all. He has bankai, but he hasn't come close to mastering it yet. He may discover new abilities or attacks once he trains with it...
  2. Sticky: Re: What's your favorite battle in Bleach so far?

    I've got a couple of favorites.

    Ichigo v Kenpachi is a great fight, because it forces Ichigo to push himself and expand his fighting abilities. Kenpachi learns something from the fight, too, and...
  3. Poll: [Question] Re: Rukia and Bankai

    Yes, it's true that they'd probably go after Orihime even if they thought they'd all die in the process. When I said "suicide mission," I meant the fight, not the entire rescue effort.

    However, I...
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    Poll: [Question] Re: Who's your favorite Female Character?

    Nami~! I love Robin too - she's so mysterious and cool. But Nami is awesome for a number of reasons:

    1. She's smart and talented
    2. Her backstory is so tragic, I really admire her personal...
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    Poll: Re: #1 Espada poll

    I'd say Ulquiorra. Aizen seems to trust him a lot. Noitora is probably lower, because if he was truly the strongest, then he wouldn't need to prove himself or blow his own horn like he is.

  6. Poll: [Question] Re: Rukia and Bankai

    I think Rukia could have bankai at some point, but I don't think it's likely she has it now. I do think she's probably stronger than she's been given credit for, though. She strikes me as a...
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