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  1. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    Sena also happens to be a very feminine Korean name.

    I always thought Deimon was because Hiruma = Demon so they did a play on words... Just like how their middle school was called MaOu (demon...
  2. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    I agree that the manga is sooo much better. The anime changes things a bit and it's not as suspenseful. The only thing I really like from the anime that's no available in the manga is Hiruma's...
  3. Re: You know Eyeshield 21's infected your brain when...

    ..when you think it's time for a haircut and you look through the manga/anime to find a character hairstyle that will suit you
    ..your ideal man has piercings, blond spiky hair and pointy teeth and...
  4. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    Thanks Xophien! It's great to be able to find a place where I can talk and do fangirly stuff about ES21 without bugging my sister :P
  5. Replies

    Re: Romance in ES21

    It's really interesting to see the debate going on between Hiruma and Mamori pairing.

    Although I am an avid shipper myself I can see why people would not want Hiruma to end up with Mamori. I see...
  6. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    If real games happened like they do in manga I think manga would take it one step further and make it even wackier!

    Although I love ES21 I can't actually watch a real football match with the same...
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