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  1. Poll: [Discussion] Re: Who do you think is the Greatest Enemy in the Story?

    Blackbeard is an amazing character. He has tons of character development that is only going to get better once his backstory is introduced. He has a great design, and his abilities are completely...
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: Which Yonkou does Law want to take down?

    It is clearly Big Mam. She was already shown the be having a confrontation with Luffy, and the other three Yonkou make no sense. Blackbeard is the final villain, Shanks and Luffy won't fight, and...
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    [Theory] Re: What would the New World be like ?

    It is going to be the most crazy thing anyone has ever seen. All of your wildest imaginations will come true.
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: Whose face did Momonosuke see?

    You can clearly see Doflo's shades in the face. Plus, Doflo has the drugs the kids love.
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    [Theory] Re: Character's Height

    Who wants to see midgets fighting? Big guys are fun and make their character designs so much better.
  6. Poll: [Discussion] Re: Who do you think is going defeat Doflamingo?

    Luffy is very clearly set up to face Doflo. He is going to be the big bad of this sage and Luffy always takes them down.
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    [Discussion] Re: Gun control

    Get rid of guns. There are always going to be irresponsible people who get their hands on them. Saying people kill not guns is silly. Guns is the one thing the government can control; how does the...
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    [Discussion] Re: Baam's encounter with his old group

    He'll be extremely happy to see all of them safe and sound. The reason he excepted FUG's invitation and experiments is so that he could protect them. Baam's value of friendship is truly remarkable.
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    [Character] Re: Tatsumi Oga

    One of the most underrated protagonists. He is loyal and dedicated to his friends and most importantly, Beel. Even though he was reluctant and pretends he wants to get rid of Beel, we know how deep...
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    [Discussion] Re: Strongest DF

    Woshu Woshu no Mi is hands down the strongest fruit. Its powers are really to hax. It shouldn't even be in the manga.
  11. Poll: [Powers] Re: What kind of devil fruit do u think will appear next and what u want to see

    Big Mam has the wood logia. Book it.
  12. [What-If] Re: If u would like to have any 9 plp as a crew in one piece with Luffy who would they be.

    Captain: Luffy
    First Mate: Crocodile
    Navigator: Dragon
    Cook: Sanji
    Sniper: Van Auger
    Helmsman: Whitebeard
    Archeologist: Ace
    Doctor: Smoker
    Cabin Boy: Roger
  13. [Favorites] Re: Do you like Sport Mangas? If so, which are your favourites?

    Eyeshield 21 is my second favorite manga ever and Kuroko no Basket is my current second favorite. Both these sports mangas are pretty "Shoneny" which means that their abilities are over-exaggerated....
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    [Character] Re: Best and Worst Anime/Manga Fathers

    The best might be Minato Uzumaki. He sacrificed himself and his wife in order to protect his son and give him strength and power for the future. The worst would probably be Monkey D. Dragon. The man...
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    [Favorites] Re: Worst Manga Ending

    I have to say out of all the manga I have read and that have finished, Air Gear was a mess. By the end of it, I really didn't know what was going on and it definitely felt like a rush. I kind of got...
  16. Poll: [Discussion] Re: Your Current Favorite Manga in WSJ [as of December 2012]

    One Piece is by far my favorite manga from any magazine. But Kuroko and Beelzebub are my second and third favorite respectively and they are all form the same magazine. WSJ does a wonderful job of...
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    [Discussion] Re: Flat chested vs Big breasts

    I think when men manga artists draw their women with large breasts, they are doing some fan service and also sexualizing their women more. I think this may lead to some people crying sexism in manga,...
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    [Favorites] Re: Favorite AMVs & MMVs

    I love Gia Secando's AMV's. They are simply amazing and by far the best I have ever seen. He made one for my all-time favorite anime fight too!
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    Re: Twin sister make her apperance....

    Who doesn't love twins. ;)
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    [Powers] Re: Wind Logia

    With a wind logia, wind could push clouds to certain places in order to create storms. There have been many hints of Dragon having a wind logia as wind is always seen an associated with Dragon.
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    Re: Hey Everyone

    Well, as you can see in my name, I like Sanji and Dragon. Zebra is also a cool character from Toriko. I read a bunch of different series. There's really too many that I follow that I can remember and...
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    Poll: [Favorites] Re: Favorite Arc!

    Enies Lobby is a great arc for several reason. It has a great villain group in the CP9, and a great story and emotional connection with Robin's fight and decision for her life, and it also showcased...
  23. [Discussion] Re: Who's The strongest among the Super Nova Rookies

    Luffy could very well be the strongest SN right now. Kid and Drake also have insane hype though because they've already survived two years in the New World and have already begun to mess with Yonkos....
  24. Poll: Re: The Best and the Worst of One Piece in 2012

    I really loved the introduction of Vergo. The scene of him smiling at the end after Doflamingo told him he appreciated all of his hard work was one of the most heart tugging scenes for me. The...
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    [Predictions] Re: Is Noblesse coming to its end?

    There should be many chapters before Noblesse ends. There will be many fights that will be able to span across a long part of time. I wouldn't worry about this ending anytime soon.
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    [Powers] Wind Logia

    With the reveal of a snow logia, I think it's been made pretty obvious that there will indeed be a wind logia sometime down the road (like we needed any more evidence). Now, what do you expect from...
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    [Question] Re: who is the strongest of the YONKO

    The strongest current Yonko is Shanks. He will probably be set up as the strongest because Blackbeard and his crew need a proper fight in order to display their strength. Blackbeard will use Shanks...
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    Hey Everyone

    Hey Everyone, I'm Black Legged Dragon. I love One Piece and Toriko is awesome.
  29. Chefs that exceed the IGO ranking

    Given that we are seeing the best of the chefs that are acknowledged by the IGO. In addition that the 3rd best is highly foreshadowed to become Zebra's combo. Will better chefs than the top five...
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