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  1. Replies

    [Ongoing] Re: [Webtoon] DICE by Yunhyunseok

    well chapter 40-44 are out on is just the scanlation group not keeping up
  2. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Liar Game Chapter 171 Discussion/172 Prediction

    i think it would also be cool if akiyama and nao are in different teams....and yokoya will by psychological warfare have the fourth team on his side. so it is 8vs8 or 2teams vs 2 teams
  3. Replies

    Sticky: Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 743 Spoiler Discussion

    that´s strange
    isn´t there a law in japan that forbidds showing how people are beheaded?

    i think DD might not be a human (maybe the puppetmaster is a puppet himself)...else the mangaka would have...
  4. Sticky: [Ongoing] Re: [Webtoon] The Gamer by Sung San-Young & Sang-Ah

    when did the get a better title?
  5. Replies

    [Ongoing] Re: [Webtoon] DICE by Yunhyunseok

    i really like this manhwa
    would love for it to have more regular updates
  6. Replies

    Sticky: [Spoiler] Re: Liar Game Spoiler Thread
    scanlation is out now
  7. [Discussion] Re: Would you like to see another Chuunin exam?

    yeah that is also the only info i have...also what about sai? isn´t he still genin but jounin class (basicaly the same like naruto back then)?
  8. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 670 Discussion / 671 Predictions

    i am interested in the brother of the Sage....
  9. Sticky: [Ongoing] Re: [Webtoon] The Gamer by Sung San-Young & Sang-Ah

    can anyone explain what UFC is? might be something only known to US that for boxing what WWE is for wrestling?
    also...seems the gamer got 90 days for training until he will get...
  10. [Discussion] Re: Would you like to see another Chuunin exam?

    i want to see a jounin exam with the konoha 12....well...or what is left of them.... + maybe some of those we got to know on the war are also not jounin yet (like Karui, Omoi and idea if...
  11. Replies

    [Ongoing] Re: [Webtoon] Flow by Heo Ni-Bi

    thanks for clearing that up for me!
    seems i missed a chapter (don´t remember her in the cage)
    and yes i thought in the car was Lee Harin
  12. Replies

    [Ongoing] Re: [Webtoon] Flow by Heo Ni-Bi

    i don´t understand what is going on....a clone?
  13. Sticky: [Ongoing] Re: [Webtoon] The Gamer by Sung San-Young & Sang-Ah

    yeah i like it that we are already on a world-wide scale....that info about not many people in korea etc
    i really want to get deeper into some topics:
    team practice
    clans (join a clan, visit the...
  14. Sticky: [Ongoing] Re: [Webtoon] The Gamer by Sung San-Young & Sang-Ah

    item shop opened! :D
  15. Sticky: [Ongoing] Re: [Webtoon] The Gamer by Sung San-Young & Sang-Ah

    isn´t this chapter kind of contradictory?
    didn´t we see that the friend of the MC had totaly high stats around 100,200,300 etc....i could be wrong there but that is what my memory tells me
  16. Replies

    [Ongoing] Re: [Webtoon] KUBERA by currygom

    chapter 181:
    i don´t understand mr kasak
  17. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 182 Discussion/183 Predictions

    i don´t understand this chapter
    start: is that a bleeding person?
    end: did he stab him trough the hostage?
  18. Replies

    Sticky: Poll: [Chapter] Re: Magi 215 Spoiler Thread

    could it be that the world we are in is basicaly inside (the tower of) babbel?

    Would explain the one language thing
    and why god (illah) would be angry....and it could be planed to build it by...
  19. Replies

    [Complete] Re: Mirai Nikki by Esuno Sakae

    does anyone know about this mirai nikki redial? is that a new series or a oneshot?

    also i feel like this thread should be seinen...not shounen
  20. Sticky: [Ongoing] Re: [Webtoon] The Gamer by Sung San-Young & Sang-Ah

    since early chapters i was waiting for the option screen (and the save/load screen=immortality).....what a shame he did not explore it fully
    well there is still hope for the next chapter
  21. Sticky: [Ongoing] Re: [Webtoon] The Gamer by Sung San-Young & Sang-Ah

    hmmm...seems the scanlators are late
    did not even start to work on the chapter
    any other group than BAP out there working on it?
  22. [Ongoing] Re: History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi by Matsuena Syun

    wow...this chapter feels like it is close to the end of the manga
  23. Replies

    Sticky: [Hangout] Re: MH Seinen Hangout

    where could i discuss about Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka?
    seems it does not have a thread at the where is the right place? or will someone open a new...
  24. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 313 Discussion/314 Prediction

    i wonder where the story will go from here....
    frankenstein turning muzaka good again in his lab?
    will rai be able to do one more last fight or was this his last?
    who will take care of leader 1-3?...
  25. Sticky: [Ongoing] Re: [Webtoon] The Gamer by Sung San-Young & Sang-Ah

    i wonder how everyone here knew before the chapter was out that
    there would be a drop from the zombie boss? did i miss something ín the last chapter?
  26. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 660 Discussion / 661 Predictions | No chapter this week

    will there be a new chapter this week?
  27. Sticky: [Ongoing] Re: [Webtoon] The Gamer by Sung San-Young & Sang-Ah

    Kamehameha? NO! RASENGAN! *lol*
  28. Replies

    [Ongoing] Re: [Webtoon] KUBERA by currygom

    whoa! The end.....THE END!!! Scary face...nice drawing!
  29. Sticky: [Ongoing] Re: [Webtoon] The Gamer by Sung San-Young & Sang-Ah

    never heard of a bus run in MMORPGs before...i thought it might be a wrong translation of boss run ^^
    in germany we call it powerleveling

    also if i ever have the chance my next party will be...
  30. Sticky: [Ongoing] Re: [Webtoon] The Gamer by Sung San-Young & Sang-Ah

    ah...finaly! i liked this chapter a lot (compared to the one before even more!!!)
    5 new skillz if i did count right.....1 skill as a goal for (much?) later
    the one skill he did not learn shows us...
  31. [Theory] Re: theory on the classification of Mangekyo Sharingan's as brough up by Madara

    just remember Sasuke awakening the Sharingan for the first time on the later to be called Naruto bridge....there he did not have full developed comma yet
    i think it just means that
  32. Sticky: [Ongoing] Re: [Webtoon] The Gamer by Sung San-Young & Sang-Ah

    raw for chapter 14 is out....
  33. Sticky: [Ongoing] Re: [Webtoon] The Gamer by Sung San-Young & Sang-Ah

    it just measures talent
  34. [Discussion] Re: Could Naruto and Sasuke eventually surpass Hashirama and Madara?

    i always made the prediction (years ago) that Orochimaru will be the final villian after getting the body of an Uchiha....not sure yet which one....Obito seems very obvious at this point...but i can...
  35. Sticky: [Ongoing] Re: [Webtoon] The Gamer by Sung San-Young & Sang-Ah

    hmmmm...this is the first boring chapter i guess....really nothing happening here ^^
  36. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 167 Discussion/168 Predictions

    Just wanted to say something to be the first:
    Rak is whatever it rhymes better that way!
  37. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 653 Discussion / 654 Predictions

    wow...unfair and wrong comparisons here of the deaths!
    death of ace =death of jiraiya (not neji)
    both father figures
    death of neji = death of some random nekama (like if Mr 2 had died in Impel...
  38. Replies

    [Discussion] Re: wrapping up magnostadt arc

    judals powerup is missing...i wonder how strong he is now that he hast he black rukh that was on par with all metal vessel users + the power he displayed in the past
  39. Replies

    [Discussion] Re: Devil Fruit

    you do realise that this was taken from the bible (the forbidden applen in garden Eden) and not from one piece?!?
  40. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 644 Discussion / 645 Predictions

    oh i love this chapter!
    i so hope that the first, second and fourth the moment i do not care about the third (just like kishi)

    first can finaly tell us about the senju and uzumaki...
  41. Replies

    Poll: [Discussion] Re: Madara's secret weapon

    there is a reason for why Itachi introduced those 2 last resort eye techniques to Sasuke (or Kishimoto introduced it to us readers) in the fight against Kabuto! I just can not choose which one :D
  42. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 633 Discussion / 634 Predictions

    my reaction to this chapter:
    eh? so the summons actualy get a better entrance panel than sasuke? :D
  43. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 627 Discussion / 628 Predictions

    btw my prediction:
    Tsunade dies healing the other current kages
    After the fight the 4 former hokages will recommend either Sasuke or Naruto as fifth Hokage ^^
  44. [Discussion] Re: THIS is what REALLY happened at the Valley of the End:

    isn´t that getting control thing missing in the flashback we where just...
  45. Replies

    [Theory] Re: SO6P was an Uzumaki.

    it could also be the mother of the 2 sons (SO6P had a wife?)...later gave birth (maybe with someone else...maybe being pregnant when SO6P died)
    Or he could have had a brother/sister who had children...
  46. Replies

    [Ongoing] Re: [Webtoon] KUBERA by currygom

    holy shit.....hey sexy lady!
  47. [Predictions] Re: Naruto in 2013 - Your expectations and hopes

    welll...Kishimoto should finaly start his year of i see him playing a mayor role in defeating our we have middle of 2013 to middle of 2014 about Kakashi ;) And i don´t...
  48. [Discussion] Re: Who else thinks Kakashi is as good as dead?

    we alreads know that there will be a "year of kakashi" so a whole year dedicated to was announced by kishimoto-sama during an interview...i think it was 2 or 3 years ago but it...
  49. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 673 Spoiler Discussion

    If Rayleigh could get free from seastone handcuffs Luffy should also be able to do that anytime
  50. [Discussion] Re: Kishimoto: Naruto Manga Is 'Rising Towards Its Climax'

    but still this tells us something.

    If Naruto is ending as a drama (unlikely for shonen) this would mean we will soon reach part 3 of 5
    Otherwise in normal storys the climax is end of the second...
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