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    [Chapter] Re: Air Gear Trick 314 Discussion/315 Predictions

    Oh again...
    Kazu beat up. His girlfriend is in the body of male afroamerican, no development, correct me but he hadnt win even a single fight till now. *Yawn* and he is my favourite male character,...
  2. [Chapter] Re: Air Gear Trick 298 Discussion/Trick 299 Predictions

    well new chapter looks awesome
    from a shonenish kiddie fight to a life\love story and all it in the AG universe, simply epic
    ps looks like Kaito sells old cars to russians and pwnz them the way he...
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 537 Discussion/538 Predictions

    Toschu i have same thoughts)
    Iva-san powers would be definetly used in resquing Ace operation
    for healing
    remember that commando with the cannon was hit by cannonball, but after injection female...
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