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    Re: Reborn 357 Discussion/ 358 Prediction

    Hahahahaha! That just made me laugh! Indeed. I do like KHR and Amano-sensei is awesome and all, but sometimes its just the opening of her arcs that's awesome... No offence.

    I also think there's...
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    [Discussion] Re: [spoiler/discussion] Who will fight for Fon's sake?

    It's more of a wishful thinking than anything really. I say Byakuran (Millefiore). Byakuran made a...apparition(?) last arc. Was that a teaser? Or a premonition?
    Though my logic for wanting...
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    Sticky: Poll: [Jutsu] Re: Is Edo Tensei another name for "fanservice"?

    Really? Well that surprised me. Maybe I wasn't reading well enough. Is it not used for the fight itself? But it still looked ridiculously exaggerated for me. I can rest my case though. :D

  4. [Chapter] Re: Fairy Tail 217 Discussion/ 218 Predictions

    I just copied that from the manga. That's why it is in quotation marks. So they're not my words. :) Chapter 210 Page 7 or so
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    Sticky: Poll: [Jutsu] Re: Is Edo Tensei another name for "fanservice"?

    To summon and control the Edo Tensei'd will consume the summoner's chakra right? Correct me if I'm wrong. But the logic of how Kabuto is able to summon several characters all at the same time sounds...
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    Sticky: Poll: [Jutsu] Re: Is Edo Tensei another name for "fanservice"?

    Edo is another name for godmodding. I pray that Kishimoto-sensei will be able to logically explain Kabuto's ability to resurrect that number of characters. Do not start on the DNA jargon sensei.
  7. [Chapter] Re: Fairy Tail 217 Discussion/ 218 Predictions

    There is still a lot for this. FT don't even know why their island is being attacked. There's still the connection between Zeref and Natsu. Everything can change still. Tables can still turn.
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    [Travel] Re: Travel to Japan

    If you're in for anime/manga things, try Akiharaba in Tokyo. It is a huge, I mean huge, shopping complex. You'd see quite a lot of stores on anime and manga stuff. It's also full of electronic goods....
  9. [Discussion] Re: What is your most strongly disliked character in the anime world?

    Aizen of Bleach, because his intentions were vague. I'm annoyed with Sasuke, at how his mentality works at present but at the very least, Sasuke have some reason. His logic may not be very reasonable...
  10. [Favorites] Re: What is your most watched/re-watched anime?

    I think I have watched Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood more than 15 times - the whole thing, the full 64 episodes. I think I even know the lines now. The visual effects when the alchemists do...
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    [Discussion] Re: Seiyuu: Anime Voice Actors

    Seiyuu are love! :D It is amazing how big they are in Japan. Perhaps it is because anime is mainstream in the country.

    Miki Shinichiro - But of course! The voice of Urahara Kisuke (Bleach) and...
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