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  1. Poll: [Question] Re: Will Kenichi and Miu become a romantic couple and possibly marry each other, or not?

    They OBVIOUSLY will become a couple at some point near or at the end of the manga. I have to admit, some of Kenichi's feelings were a little shallow in the beginning because of how attractive he saw...
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    [Discussion] Re: To which master is kenichi the closest?

    1.Personally, I'd have to say it's Kensei cause of how he interacts with Kensei from time to time. I've noticed that their relationship is like a father-son kind of relationship as Kenichi has never...
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    Poll: [Question] Re: What do you think of the ecchi level in HSDK?

    Personally, and this is coming from a male reader, I kinda think the ecchi level is too much and needs to be toned down at least a little. I mean yeah their are some perverted moments needed and I...
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