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    [Ongoing] Re: Onepunch Man by Yuusuke Murata

    It's funny, I noticed when the first OPM tankoubon come out, it's under 'Jump Comic' like all the rest of the shounen series, when you go to the Shuiesha website, I believe it's categoried as Shounen...
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    [Ongoing] Re: Code: Breaker by Akimine Kamijyo

    The first volume will be out on October 17. Actually, the first three chapters are longer than normal (1st - 70 pages, 2nd - 44 pages, 3rd - 27 pages), so the first volume will be from chp 1-5 or 6,...
  3. [Ongoing] Re: Les Gouttes de Dieu by Agi Tadashi & Shu Okimoto

    I like this series, actually, I am collecting the HK version. My first reaction was the art is very well done and as for the story, thought I started knowing nothing about wine (still don't know...
  4. [Discussion] Re: Shounen Manga That Should Have/Should Be Seinen

    I found Death note should have been seinen. The concept is pretty deep or even Hunter x Hunter.
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    [Complete] Re: Cat Street

    I just found out there's a side story in issue#5 of Bessatsu Margaret on Momiji.
  6. [Complete] Re: Ouran High School Host Club - Discussion

    Okay, thank you very much. :)
  7. [Complete] Re: Ouran High School Host Club - Discussion

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, where is chapter 60? I can't seem to find to get it. :s
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