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    Re: am I over-leveling?

    heres my version of that level.

    note that the white area is alot cleaner

    you cant do that cuz it will go back and undo the...
  2. Re: Nothing Attempts Cleaning Test #4 -----my first cleaning ever, rate me!!

    lol, shame on you, GGpX! encouraging others to steal! XD (im just kidding, thats how i got photoshop... <_< dont tell anyone X3)
  3. beautifuldreamer1289 attempts cleaning practice 3 and another clean

    cleaning challenge 3. i neglected to do like, 2 of the patterns, and the redrawing needs alot of work, but i got sick of taking so long on it and just wanted feedback from what ive done already.
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    [Life] Re: The Birthday Discussion Thread

    my birthday is in 2 days ^^, (december 12!)
  5. Replies

    Trouble Rotating

    im having a little trouble knowing if my rotating is good or not, because the guides will match up on one pine but not the other. please compare:
    on the 3rd cleaning challenge
    one of my rotation...
  6. Re: KamFan attempts Cleaning Challenge #004

    impressive, considering all the redrawing that had to be done...
  7. Re: opinions on some of my latest work...

    well, im no expert, but i would say in the first, the speech bubbles are sloppy, as is some of the line-enhancing, especially on the girl in the first panel. of course, this could be how it was in...
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    [Cleaning] which grays to use?

    in cleaning challenge 03, which grays do you guys reccomend using? especially for panel 6 (the close up of the girls face) and the various grays required for panel 4? (the big room with the people)....
  9. Sticky: Re: Cleaning Challenge #004

    lol sabyr, i must agree with you on that XD. well, that plus im in the middle of number 3 anyways, since i started yesterday and have no time cuz of school and the like...
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