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    Re: Strawhats birthdays

    lol, i have the same B-Day as Naruto.....But sadly i dont have the same as one of the Strawhats....
  2. [School] Re: Colleges: The Good, The Bad, and The Way Too Expensive!

    I am in my last year of high school and starting to apply for colleges. All I know about the colleges your looking are UMD as i Live in Maryland and one side of my family is like all Alumni for UMD....
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    [Movies] Re: The Movie Thread!

    You know what was a really good movie that came out not too long ago.....Lord of War. Omg, soooo good.
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    [Favorites] Re: Best COMPLETED Manga that you have read...

    Ichigo 100% -Awsome series(though many didnt like the ending)
    Love Hina -Greatness, kind of like at the top of the Harem type manga, seemed to set the standards
    Death Note -Was amazing...Until...
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 420 Predictions
    How is this ahead with what is happening, unless this is where the anime is, I wouldn't know as i am not up to date with the anime.
  6. [Discussion] Re: Who's the most attractive character in Naruto to you?

    Hinata or Sakura all the way. Probably Sakura more soo, but that Hinata Post Timeskip really...Grew Up
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    Re: Scanlation Recruitment

    Well, hmmm, I am not too good at doing cleaning, but I can do some stuff. I know how to use photoshop but i am still getting aquainted with the whole tedious process that is scanlating. However, I...
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