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  1. [Question] Re: Japanese name

    what would the Kanji be for Endo(u) "Kazu"nari I saw a website and I saw this and (supposedly) Endou/Endo means distant/distance where Kazunari means to be harmonious, which would fit my characters...
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    [Question] How do I post my sketches

    I am Highly frustrated right now because I don't know how to insert .JPG's into my thread and it is a problem because I would really love to become part of the art community.
  3. [Question] Japanese name

    Can you create custom Japanese names, or is it just not possible? I am asking because I want to create a unique name for my protagonist and I'm just not finding the right resources I need. I want to...
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    Sticky: Re: How did you get your username?

    I got my username because I love manga and hope to achieve a publishing in Japan one of these days. I always thought I was meant to be born Japanese, as I love discipline and structure, and most of...
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    Help: Manga name

    I am having issues involving my protagonists name and I need help. The problem I am currently facing is that I want to make a custom name as my character is unique and I would prefer it if his name...
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