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  1. Re: Questions, I want to translate a manga.

    This thread should be in:, not I'm gonna request...
  2. [Translators] Looking for a Chinese to English translator for School Shock!


    We're currently looking for a new Chinese to English translator for School Shock.

    Our current translator has been postponing new scripts for over two month now (IRL reasons), so I think...
  3. Re: Remove halftone or descreen hi-res color scan?

    The settings will differ depending on the raw. Please upload one page for reference.
  4. Re: Remove halftone or descreen hi-res color scan?

    Topaz Denoise and Topaz Clean.

    And although you can only get Topaz Denoise 5 from the official website, you should look around for version 3 as well.
    There have been huge changes between versions...
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    Sticky: [Typesetting] Re: Font Identification and Recommendations

    Maybe: Lafayette Comic Pro, Komika Text, or Hand of Sean.

    Though, it'd be easier to get the feel of the right one if we saw the surrounding picture :)

    ---------- Post added at 06:47 AM...
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    [Help] Re: What manga is that?

    Usagi drop is neither shounen nor still running. And definitely not from the same magazine as Hamatora. Not even from the same publisher.
  7. [Misc Attempt] Re: Could someone criticize that cleanning?

    Doesn't really matter since she's covered it with text -
  8. [Misc Attempt] Re: Could someone criticize that cleanning?

    Oh, that.

    1. The leg should be slightly wider.
    2. There should be more books filling the white space.
    3. The jacket should partially cover said books - it shouldn't go under any of them (like it...
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    [Cleaning] Re: How do I do these stars?

    Ah, sorry. It was supposed to be unlisted. Try it now.
  10. [Misc Attempt] Re: Could someone criticize that cleanning?

    You mean something like this?

    You add an empty layer, you outline the missing part with Pen Tool, you stroke it with...
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    [Cleaning] Re: How do I do these stars?

    I made a short video to show you how you can easily make similar stars:

    You can duplicate the starts (layers) by clicking [Ctrl]+[J] and you can change...
  12. [Misc Attempt] Re: Could someone criticize that cleanning?

    The redraws look very good. There are some mistakes, but you can only see them with the raw next to the clean.

    There is, however, still a lot of dirt and noise on the page. Watch this video and...
  13. Re: Need Help on Uploading Scanlated Manga, etc...

    Due to the publishers' war on scanlations a few years back, MangaHelpers has closed its scanlation and raw sections. Try Batoto.
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    Re: Can you help me?

    Not for the current chapters, no. You'd need to find yourself a raw provider.
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    Re: Can you help me?

    You will find stuff like that on poor quality raws. There is a few ways you can try to deal with it.

    The easiest (quickest) one would probably be:
    1. Change the page from RGB to Grayscale.
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    Poll: [Voting] Re: Best Artwork

    I support Tower of God and nominate Dragon Recipe.
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    Poll: [Voting] Re: Best Action/Adventure Series

    I support Tower of God and nominate Kubera.
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    Poll: [Voting] Re: Best Overall Manhwa Series

    I support Tower of God and The Gamer, and nominate Ares.
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    [Cleaning] Re: Help/Advice for Newbie Redrawer

    As to the terms - here's a quick position overview: You'll get the terms by replacing "ers"/"ors" with "ing" ^_^;

    But I'm not...
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    [Cleaning] Re: Cloning or Coloring on top?

    Wait, so you wanna remove all the grays (the dotted patterns)? Or just those darker parts (shadows) on the glove?
    If it's the former, then you shouldn't use clone - the "source" would be too small....
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    [Cleaning] Re: Cloning or Coloring on top?

    I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying that you want to color this page? And asking which way of doing it is better - brushing over the patterns or just colorizing them?

    If so, then brushing...
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    Sticky: [Typesetting] Re: Font Identification and Recommendations

    Akbar, Almagro, Another, Ashcan BB, augie, Comix, Gemelli, Stan's Hand. Something along these lines.
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    [Cleaning] Re: how much to crop

    The white area does seem a bit big, but I agree with others - you shouldn't crop it off.

    I've actually had to de-crop certain raws before - some people do think that the white spaces are...
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    [Cleaning] Re: How to Draw Lines?

    Clone Stamp should be enough for this one, but if there was less to work with, you could always recreate the lines by yourself:

    1. Open an empty layer.
    2. Outline the speedlines with Pen Tool...
  25. [Miscellaneous] Re: Recommended resolution/image type of HQ manga scans

    I like my HQ scans to be at least 3000px high, which, for tank raws, can only be achieved with 300dpi + 140-150% page size. Or with 600dpi (which takes way longer to scan).

    And I agree with...
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    Poll: [Typesetting] Re: Hyphens vs. No Hyphens

    I always use hyphens. And I always split words by syllables.
    The only time I do not use a hyphen is when a bubble is so narrow that a single syllable plus the hyphen don't fit inside.
  27. [Cleaning] Re: Want to start cleaning, looking for some feedback if you would be so kind :)

    Also, if you take a look at the second page you'll see that you also lost the pattern surrounding the girl on the first and the center panels.
    In cases like these it's usually best to use Magnetic...
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    [Scanning] Re: Scanning in Grayscale Mode

    What type of scanner are you using? If it's a multifunctional device then you won't get good results in grayscale (I've only tested HP's multifunctional devices).
    Actually, the results in color mode...
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    [Shounen] Re: élDLIVE by Amano Akira

    Find me a translator and I'll do it ^^

    I've been actually considering doing it for a while now, but even for a monthly it has A LOT of text - my current translators don't have that much free time...
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    [Discussion] Re: Making a website

    Free webhost are usually poor quality. You'll get ads forced into your website/forum, etc.

    Most scanlators that don't want to pay for their webhost just use a wordpress or another blog system....
  31. [Discussion] Re: Preserving quality (the scanning process and final file saving)

    Oh, I merge down the levels layers as I go. There's no need to merge the rest.
  32. [Discussion] Re: Preserving quality (the scanning process and final file saving)

    Merge all? Why would you merge all?

    My action (for saving gray pages) goes like this:
    1. Convert to RGB (without flatten).
    2. Export (Save as Web: PNG-8 Adaptive 48 colors)
    3. Convert to...
  33. [Discussion] Re: Preserving quality (the scanning process and final file saving)

    Oh, that's what you meant. I really didn't see how they would appear in the final product. Now I know.
    Well, Windows Photo Viewer was meant as a quick way for normal people to view their photos. It...
  34. [Discussion] Re: Preserving quality (the scanning process and final file saving)

    This doesn't work for every shade of gray. I just tried a few saving options with both Dot Gain 20% and sGray, and, at the page I tried (light gray pattern at 1600px height + a "sample" watermark -...
  35. [Discussion] Re: Preserving quality (the scanning process and final file saving)

    If a manga has huge enough margins on the inside of the pages, then yes, debinding is not necessary, but if they're too small or there is many double spreads, not debinding the pages will only cause...
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    Sticky: [Discussion] Re: Photoshop - Questions and Discussion

    Yeah, it was the dirt in a bubble - he had a lot of it for some reason. The question has already been answered by the script author at the forums Loktar got the script from.

    And it seems the post...
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    Sticky: [Typesetting] Re: Font Identification and Recommendations

    Do not IMG tag indirect image links. - Wrong tagging. - Correct tagging.

  38. [Misc Attempt] Re: How do you Clean Colour Manga/Webtoon?~

    For the webtoon - I'm gonna quote myself from another forum:

    This is the simplest way (IMO). That's how I clean Kubera and other webtoons.

    For a different way - RHS' Rain just created a thread...
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    [Typesetting] Re: I want THOSE fonts but...

    I'm pretty sure that asking about sharing a commercial font falls under the "no warez" category of the forum rules.

    In any case, there are multiple font comic fonts packs available on the net....
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    [Shoujo] Re: Can i get a translation?

    It's been completely translated by Viz:
    You can buy it on Amazon:...
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    Poll: [Cleaning] Re: Manga Raw Clean

    Yeah, but you'd need to resize your page to 1300px high and then use topaz denoise + topaz clean one more time, before it'd actually look good.
    Anyway, here's more or less how a properly cleaned...
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    [Miscellaneous] Re: Ellipsis or Em Dash?

    If you want to split the word without repeating it then it's Em Dash, otherwise it's Ellipsis.
    In other words:
    O--kay or O... Okay

    Well, I think you can also use Em Dash (or a normal dash for...
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    [Shounen] Re: Nobelu (Weekly Shonen Sunday)

    I'm actually considering it, but:
    1. No translator.
    2. Bad raws. (And I won't buy the first volume, unless I have a good translator for it.)
  44. [Cleaning] Re: Colour scan challenge - Glare and gradients

    Clone/stamp, healing brush and content-aware fill are all you can use for pages you haven't denoised first.

    My advice: Leave the glares for the end, choose your source and anchor points better....
  45. [Cleaning] Re: Lightening image bleed through from previous page

    Nowadays people just use topaz to fix that, but I guess it still might be useful to some, so good job.

    Just one addition - it should be done before straightening the page - depending on how the...
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    [Typesetting] Re: Wild Words intl in OTF (find or make?)

    If you truly intend for this font to be international you should add these: Ą, Ć, Ę, Ń, Ś, Ź, Ż.
  47. Replies

    [Cleaning] Re: Cleaning feedback

    It's somewhere between LQ and MQ, I'd say.
    The grays lost their pattern and the lines are way too sharp. Although, given the raw (if that's its full size), it's not bad.
    Oh, and I'd level it...
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    [Showoff] Re: my line test animation

    Not bad, but it's too short to really judge.
    The head turns too slowly, IMO. Anatomically head should turn first or at the same time as shoulders.
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    Sticky: [Discussion] Re: Photoshop - Questions and Discussion

    I think they basically do the same thing, but clone has just more options. Not that you'd need any for scanlating, but still.
    Also it's way easier to switch between brush and clone - you just need...
  50. [Challenge Attempt] Re: CatzCradle attempts Editing Practice #001!

    I leveled the page, upscaled it to 3600px, used topaz denoise and topaz clean, slightly leveled again (after topaz you always need to slightly level), smart sharpened, downscaled to 1100px + added a...
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