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  1. Sticky: [Spoiler] Re: Shin Prince of Tennis Spoiler Thread

    Tie-break is part of the game? In tennis you have matches, sets, games, fifteens,'s just name for set of points/point that is played under certain circumstanes...

    The thing is that...
  2. Sticky: [Spoiler] Re: Shin Prince of Tennis Spoiler Thread

    You need to study rules?

    It can't be full set because you can't win 7-0 in a set ;). But you can win 7-0 in tie-break because tie-breaks are played to can win 7-0 7-1 7-2....7-5 ...but...
  3. Sticky: [Spoiler] Re: Shin Prince of Tennis Spoiler Thread

    10 cents on that they play just tie-breaks...and in tie-break you have to be up by 2 to win
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    [Chapter] Re: 366 Discussion [Naruto]

    Lol well maybe Itachi is the spy. Sort of Dumbledore-Snape thing like in HP :P. It is highly possible that he was part of Akatsuki before he murdered entire maybe it was his secret missiona...
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