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    Sticky: [Help] Re: The Official Kanji Ask-for-Help Thread

    Hate to bring up the dead topics, but I stumbled across this:

    [華倫変] 高速回線は光うさぎの夢を見るか?

    As a title and Author. I can't find any translation of the author's name and the author's works on...
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    Re: Raws Upload List Per Member

    I know this was ages ago, but I would like to third this function. It is hard for me to track what I have uploaded and not. I have a shocking memory. So it would be great to be able to follow up what...
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    [Misc Attempt] Re: Rate my cleaning...

    Not bad at all :D All though I do recommend you do sharpen the image. It doesn't take long and it just cleans up the blurry-ness of the lines ^^.
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