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    Poll: [Chapter] At Last

    Well my peasants and brokeboys, it would seem I was correct and that Madara did in fact have an ace up his sleeve to defeat the alliance.

    Now I will go ahead and bring it all home.

    The Moons...
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    [Discussion] Re: Taming the Juubi

    the 9 tailed beasts were created AFTER the Sage sealed the 10 tails within himself. So the 9 bijuu probably have some form of his personality or sectioned off forms of it within themselves. the Juubi...
  3. [Discussion] Re: Why was the naka shrine tablet written?

    The Tablet had to have been written by the sage himself. I see the tablet as a ode to alchemy (both the fictional and actual artforms) showing that all is one and one is all. Madara being a...
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    [Question] Re: Where is YAMATO...???

    Yamato is the exit strategy for madara
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    Sticky: [Discussion] Re: Madara's Intention PAGES 12/13

    Hashirama is the Body
    Madara is the Eye's
    The Juubi the Spirit

    Eternal Tsukiyomi
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    [Discussion] Re: Is Kakashi still inside the Kamui?

    Kakashi will return and send the moon into the kamui dimension
  7. [Discussion] Re: What do you think will be the end of Edo Tensei Hokages ?

    it certainly wont be madara...He has the Rinnegan and can detach souls yet I bet he wont use it against Hashirama nor did he use it on the Kage (specifically Tsunade) and because he hasnt use it yet,...
  8. [Question] Re: Is it just me or was the Demonic Statue able to do more than the Juubi?

    this is somewhat backwards.

    Jutsu and etc were created by the Sage via the channeling of chakra, nature, etc into specialized attacks then into category.
    The Gedo Mazou somewhat was able to...
  9. [Discussion] Re: Good Evidence of a Sasuke Rinnegan Occuring.

    im not sure how Rinne Tensei and non MS or EMS sharingan are related but Izanagi, a weaker form of Inyoton, is possible by 2/3 uchiha left. Also, since Madara pretty much predicted his clan would be...
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    [Theory] Re: How Obito became the Jinchuuriki

    Pretty sure it was a sealing technique
  11. [Discussion] Re: Good Evidence of a Sasuke Rinnegan Occuring.

    Obito gave Sasuke senju dna when he implanted Itachi's eyes into him.
    Not only did we not see the details of the operation, the base they were in itself hasn't been referenced nor
    has Tobi's...
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    Sticky: [Discussion] Re: Madara Has Won

    no because of this

    Just as I said above...another trump card
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    Poll: [Question] Re: Who should fight Juubito first?

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    Sticky: [Discussion] Re: Madara Has Won

    I'm going by example's here peasants. Go back to the introduction of Madara during the Kage Battle in the War arc and flashbacks via Hashirama.
    Each time Madara has commented on his "losses"...he...
  15. [Discussion] Re: This War Arc is a hint to the redemption of the Uchiha Clan

    The Clan will be Redeemed when Madara succeeds in his plan which will happen the way it is explained in my thread on the main board.
  16. [Question] Re: Do you think KillerBee needs to go..?

    Killer Bee will be a key factor in stopping Team Snake once they double cross the alliance
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    Poll: Re: Naruto 637 Review.

    A 17 year old seal is not far fetched at all. There was a clan (The Uzumaki/Rikkodu) championed for its sealing abilities. Minato was married to and trained by a member of that clan, and maybe higher...
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    Sticky: [Discussion] Madara Has Won

    After seeing this panel

    I realized all my predictions were correct. Madara could control Obitobi, the Ten-Tails could be revived without...
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    [Discussion] Quentin Tarantino

    Okay peasants, Im thinking everyone is looking at this all wrong.

    Kishimoto is going to pull a Tarantino and take this left field. He's going to pull out all the stops and secrets, backstory,...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 637 Spoiler Discussion

    so is obito or madara the junchurriki
  21. [Discussion] Re: Tobi's going to screw up Madara's plans! :D

    I hope that Obito is sacrificed. he has served his purpose
  22. [Discussion] Re: Akatsuki has a terrible Hierarchy of Power if Kakashi could woop Obitos ass but not Itachi

    youre underrating Kakashi heavily man. He was already top caliber in part 1. in part 2 he ascended to the level of Kage (not elected, i mean in terms of power category and leadership ability also...
  23. [Discussion] Re: In'Youton no Jutsu - & - Madara's Will

    yes Inyoton is the pure form of Izanagi which was the Sage of the Six Path's trademark ability, creation of life.
    Cmon man
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