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  1. [Seinen] Re: Verdant Lord by Takashige Hiroshi & Soga Atsushi

    Could any one reuplode the volumes plz links dead
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    Re: So why did you start reading Psyren?

    About 3 day's ago from this post i wear quite bored and finished the Last Manhwa i read and stumbled on it on Manga fox and read first Chapter just to see what it was and it caught my interests...
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    Re: the sky regalia

    lol similar to my Thought thaw i imagined it would be completely Empty When he Finally win and open the briefcase it or that some one ells all ready haw it and waits to finish him of
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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 353 Discussion

    I agre m8 hope fully they will fix it atleast give him a a Chanse to offer a bether fight then in the Manga
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    [Shounen] Re: Bari Haken by Suzuki Shinya

    The for the Cover it is really Nice.. And would be Grate if they pick this series up agent it really is Funny and Interesting and get's better the further you read even the ending is quite...
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