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    [Question] Re: What Happened to the Vampires?.....

    Too bad. If Hikawa actually put on a Gantz suit on to augment his already superhuman abilities, he'd be the strongest melee fighter in the entire series. I'd love to see him take out waves and waves...
  2. [Chapter] Re: Gantz 378 Discussion/379 Prediction Thread

    I like how no one is talking about the most important reveal of the chapter

    Tae-chan was an alien the whole time!
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    [Chapter] Re: Gantz 377 Discussion/378 Prediction Thread

    No worries, he's going to be revived as reincarnated Reika's son in America in a few years. Now THAT'S going to be an oedipus complex of legend!
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    [Chapter] Re: Gantz 377 Spoiler Discussion Thread

    For those wondering, Gantz DEFINITELY turned into a shounen manga! I still sigh when I remember the first part of the manga. Every action felt so heavy, deliberate. It made the manga amazing. I agree...
  5. [Discussion] Hiroya Oku doesn't get "normal" human interaction

    Why is it that Oku Hiroya can't dial down on how normal functioning people act?

    In Gantz it's always with the extremes:

    Most normal citizens are filthy, rude, ungrateful, and stupid. The...
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