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  1. [Theory] Re: Dragon Lachrima, 3rd Generation Dragon Slayers, & Double Element Dragon Slayers.

    i always thought something similar to that... the fact that all dual element dragons slayers get their second element from a DS with a lachrima inside gave me the idea that ds can only absorb and...
  2. Replies

    [Discussion] Reason behind the Uchiha massacre?

    so i was just thinking back at everything, and i was reading some comments when i though..
    well most people dont find a real reason to why, obito would go and help killing all uchiha... well i...
  3. [Discussion] What's up with Edo Zombies' condition upon "revival"?

    hey i am new to the forum and i actually joined so i could ask something.. sorry if its been post before its just i haven't seen it so far...

    ok so we all know that during edo tensei one can...
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