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  1. Re: This Week (Roads 117-118-119-120-121-Millenium Dream) Discussions and Predictions

    I think that RM will score another goal, by the number 0. :D

    By the way, I still can not download chapter 119. From the release day till now, I tried many times but ...
  2. Re: This Week (Roads 117-118) Discussions and Predictions

    Sorry for interrupt but I think that Rivault can not score like that.
    Maybe the keeper punch the ball out and Tsubasa come in and score.
  3. Re: Road To 2002 Roads 55-56 Discussion/Roads 57-58 Predictions

    I think Wakabayashi should go to Bayern. Hamburg does not have a strong attack (the 1st goal is done by a DF) so they won't go far.
    Tsubasa is great. He sure can make 10 goals and 10 assists in the...
  4. Re: Road To 2002 Roads 53-54 Discussion/Roads 55-56 Predictions

    So I think there is full time and the game will end 2 - 1 and Bayern will win the game.
    Hamburg has 2 pivots, Bayern has 3 pivots. All of them are from the World Youth.
    I wonder where are the other...
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    Re: World Youth - Chapter 63 Predictions

    Thank you so much, Shinji. Japan will win for sure. :D
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    Re: World Youth - Chapter 55 predictions

    I think that Japan will win for sure.
    Because this is a Japanese manga.

    Maybe Hyuga will find a way to create a mid-air Raiju shot. :eyeroll
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