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    [Discussion] Re: Power plot holes in Hitman Reborn

    It still doesnt make any sence - lets just do the math according to what the characters said:

    Byakuran was super strong on his own + he absorbed the flames of some 20 strong people including the...
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    My Idea for an anime series

    Episode 1 Aurora:
    A beautiful scenery of nature seen from the sky - woods and meadows stretch across miles
    until they reach the horizon - it is clear that this land has not yet been touched by...
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    [Discussion] Power plot holes in Bleach

    Hi I am a new member to this forum and bouth to Bleach since I read the manga only half a year ago - since then a question has been bugging me which I hope that the Bleach experts can help me to...
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    [Discussion] Power plot holes in Hitman Reborn

    Hi Im new to this forum as well to Hitman reborn since I didnt read the manga untill half a year ago - since then a question has been bugging me and I hope that Reborn experts can help me out here.
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