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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 633 Discussion / 634 Predictions

    I hate how Kishi misuses the rookies as in this case, he just includes them to "fill the bill" and get along, pure fan service.
    You have a rich arsenal with these characters and you don't know how...
  2. [Question] Re: Did Eichiro Oda drew the "monochrome walk" drawings?

    Yes, only an Oda fan can tell that I guess. That's why I can't, I like his style, it's very refreshing and uplifting but I don't like his designs, that's why I never got into One Piece.

    In the...
  3. [Question] Did Eichiro Oda drew the "monochrome walk" drawings?

    Drawings appearing in the X interviews with other artists, like this with Taiyo Matsumoto:

    They appear (everyone states in the...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 606 Discussion / 607 Predictions

    I normally don't post but I wanted to throw my opinion because lately I'm very annoyed.

    I liked Tobi being Obito, it was clear from the start just by reading the name. People would think it can't...
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    [Chapter] Re: Naruto 563 Discussion / 564 Predictions *NO CHAPTER NEXT WEEK!

    shit, this manga is totally awesome. Started it reading in 2001 and still kicking, I hope one day to buy all the tankoubons and have a good read.

    Predictions? by some mean madara is going to win...
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    [Chapter] Re: Naruto 515 Discussion / 516 Prediction

    OMFG!!!! Gogo XD People just complains about anything. Kishi didn't say that the showed edo tenseid bodies are the only ones. We will see more in the meanwhile (surprise factor) even new ones, in...
  7. [Databook III] Re: Naruto Databook 3 - Hiden: Sha no Sho - HQ Scanlation Project

    Hello, I really would like to support for the book. I speak Japanese and English (Im Spanish btw). I might forgot something since I left japan but I own a nice digital dictionary, and hell! I want to...
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    Re: Naruto 416 Discussions / 417 Predictions

    I feel that although I like naruto and read it, it feels like tense in terms of it never seems to explode at all. Say it, war (just when the gaara arc), fully explain characters (there are ton of...
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    Re: Hidan 3D unfinished

    ye, I just finished a 2 years course. But also studied a lot by myself. anyway, I still consider myself kind of amateur level : / need more benkyo!!
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    Re: Hidan 3D unfinished

    I wanted to keep it simple, anime style, so... I will just apply this into a more simple game-like model, and work on textures. body will be too simple to make XDD, whenever I finish, Ill post...
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    Hidan 3D unfinished

    Well, its a fast model of hidans head, just for fun. Its unfinished, but I think its just the moment to get some critics or someone to point out hidans face features. Anyway I dont plan to continue...
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    Re: Naruto Hang Out Thread

    I went to the 24 hours convienent shop and I didnt see any new shonen jump. Just the last week saying the next issue would be released the 6th of Jan. I wonder how somebody could get those "spoil"...
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