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    [Shounen] Re: Kuroko no Basket by Tadatoshi Fujimaki

    Well,I guess that's it for the winter cup..
    It's a shame,I wanted Rakuzan to win :/ When Kuroko ended up with the ball,I was awaiting for my favorite SD moment to maybe reoccur but here in...
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    Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Beelzebub 240 Discussion (Series end)

    I guess you're right about that.This ending is pretty much good anyway,it's even mysterious in it's way and foreshadowing some pretty badass unseen things during those 2 years timeskip,like,maybe...
  3. Replies

    Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Beelzebub 240 Spoiler Thread

    Damn,I'm so gonna miss Beelzebub..It was indeed bad on its last arcs,but I think we've seen worse,and I'd still gonna miss it :/
    This smells "rushed end and scrapped plans" soooo freaking much.I'm...
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: Who will Raku end up with?

    Maybe it was intentional from Naoshi Komi.I mean,wouldn't be too obvious that the girl from Raku's dream is Chitoge if she worn the Ribbon in that scene?
    It would take away all the mistery and...
  5. Replies

    Poll: [Discussion] Re: Who will Raku end up with?

    Well,I guess if we go by Raku's currently shown Personality,it would be total BS if he suddenly just realise that he's in love with Chitoge.He lack self confidence ,well,that's how he seems to me,as...
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: Who will Raku end up with?

    I think everything is still possible at this stage of the Manga,and he could still end up with anyone..Maybe except Tsugumi and Haru xD
    It may not be love,but Raku did develop at least a sense of...
  7. Replies

    Poll: [Discussion] Re: Who's the 4th Girl?

    Hummmm..I guess it can't be Haru (She saw Raku's Pendant,and it did not stimule any kind of memories/reaction from her).Tsugumi/Mikage are kind of build up as characters new to Raku's life,which mean...
  8. [Question] Re: will we see uryu exact revenge for his grandfather on mayuri

    I think most of us would be surprised if Uryuu actually killed a captain or two.
    I mean,it doesn't seems like Uryuu is going all Sasuke on SS.It seems to me more like a double-agent role,waiting for...
  9. [Mag Talk] Re: Weekly Shonen Jump [2012-2013] - Discussion and TOC Talk - Part 1

    You people forgot how Kubo used to be the King of Troll.
    Cue the Good old classic Kubo picture :

    Kubo must have been an Eddie Guerrero fan :cheez
  10. [Shounen] Re: Deadman Wonderland by Kataoka Jinsei and KONDOU Kazuma

    I hope they would resume the anime once the manga ends :(
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    [Shoujo] Re: [Shoujo] Vampire Knight by HINO Matsuri

    And it's all over :( :( :( :(
    It was a long journey,and it's all over now :
    I've always Shipped YukixZero too,But that ending made me for once feels sympathy toward Kaname :(
    Anyway,I hope a...
  12. [Mag Talk] Re: Weekly Shonen Jump [2012-2013] - Discussion and TOC Talk - Part 4

    Bleach number 2?
    But Then,Still no Naruto or One Piece may be the reason xD
    Still,Bleach as Number Two..YES!!YES!!Yes!! xD
    Now That I think about it..
  13. Poll: [Discussion] Re: Do you think that Bleach Anime will be back? State your reasons

    I think that Norio Wakamoto Should be Bach Seiyuu.He did a great Job with Charles zi Britannia!
    As for Hashwald,Norihiro Inoue would fit him so much :D
    Still thinking about the others stern ritters...
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